11 Ways To Create Content That Drives Traffic To Your Website

More likely than not coming up with ways of creating great content and driving traffic to your website is giving you a headache. There are, however, effective ways of coming up with a compelling content and getting traffic to your website. Here’s how…

1. Pick an attention-drawing headline. Headlines should captivate your readers’ attention as they are the first thing they see. Choosing the right headline will significantly increase the number of visitors on your website.

2. Write great, compelling content. Quality should be the first thing to consider as it guarantees better search results. Think about your readers’ needs, what would they like to read about? Create content that is not only helpful and useful but also originally written as copying and pasting content from another website will have you penalized. Do you really want to rank at the bottom of Google? Click here to find out how to create great content when you don’t have a clue? 

3.  Target a specific niche. Pick a niche by choosing the one that is of interest to you or do your own market research and identify the ones that have not been targeted yet. Turn that niche into your asset by becoming an expert in that field.

4. Create content that’s easy to share. Make sure your content is easy to share on social media and your readers will do the rest for you by spreading the word through Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

5. Article length should vary from short to long. Although the average suggested length is 1,600 words you should aim to have both long, elaborately written articles as well as a few short and to-the-point ones.

6. Be consistent and write at least six articles per week. Whether you decide to outsource article writing or write it yourself be sure to be consistent and your blog will be successful. Decide on your plan of action and stick to it. Add fresh content to it daily.

7. Use appropriate tags. Using appropriate tags, meta tags and description will be detrimental to how your articles show up in search results as it determines whether people find what they need on your website. Make sure you tag your articles and that your links are not broken. Use keywords effectively and submit a sitemap file to Google (search engine optimization comes in handy hereto help people find your website.

8. Create links to your website (backlinks). Link building or backlinking (creating links that point to your page from other pages) can give your site a great boost. As you create content this should happen naturally, however, you can speed up the process by trading links with other websites related to your niche, making quality posts on related forums and blogs as well as setting up an RSS feed.

9. Link to old posts on your own website. Link to related articles that you’ve already written as it helps new users find interesting articles in your archive, and will keep them on your site.

10. Organize your content into categories. A well-organized site is easier to navigate, increases readers’ satisfaction and ultimately leads to better retention. It also results in an increase of views of your older articles.

11. Give away freebies. Who doesn’t want free stuff?! Online freebies leave the visitor wanting more. Just make sure you give away well written and informative materials.

What are your proven strategies to create great compelling content and driving traffic to your website? Share your comments below.

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