21 Best FREE Personal Development Tools That’ll Speed Up Your Results In 2019

21 Best FREE Personal Development Tools To Help You Achieve Your Goals Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

Zen12 by Karl Moore

FREE Meditation Audio. Meditate like a zen monk. A 12-minute short meditation to provide you with the benefits of an hour meditation

HypnosisLive by Karl Moore

FREE Hypnosis Audio. Hypnotise yourself to sleep better, eliminate stress, achieve your goals, find your life purpose or whatever area you want to focus on. To get started, just select the session you’d like to unlock. (Limited to one download per person.)

Subliminal Guru by Karl Moore

Two FREE Subliminal MP3 Downloads. You get to choose the area you want to focus on, e.g. relationships, health, finances, career, self-esteem etc.

Bounce Back Big by Sonia Ricotti

FREE e-Book. Get your copy and discover the miracle blueprint to turn your life around fast and achieve your wildest dreams!

Self Love Mastery by Rikka Zimmerman

FREE e-Book. Want To Know The Secret To The Universe? Return home to love and claim your copy of Rikka’s e-book!

Money Mastery Quiz by Rikka Zimmerman

FREE 30-Second Quiz. Find out the #1 thing that keeps you out of alignment with greater success. Reveal your personal abundance frequency score

Developing the Mastery of Intention by Mary Morrissey

FREE Guided Meditation. Tune Into Your “Still, Small Voice Within” and Gain Clarity Around Your Life’s Purpose in Just 10 Minutes.


5 Reasons Why Most People Don’t Become Wealthy by Brian Tracy

FREE e-Book. Discover The Secrets To Achieving Financial Freedom, including The Mistakes People Make That Stop Them From Acquiring True Wealth and How To Overcome Them and The Single Biggest Reason Why So Many People Retire Poor and How You Can Avoid This

Self-Confidence Assessment by Brian Tracy

FREE e-Book. Discover Your Current Level of Self-Confidence and How to Take Action Toward Building Greater Confidence in Yourself.


Healing With The Masters + Spontaneous Transformation by Jennifer McLean

FREE Ticket + Healing Session. Receive healing Tools, Join The 6-Week, Interactive Master Healing Workshop & Receive Your FREE Healing Session. Release chronic pain, heal lack, old wounds and patterns and eliminate debt.

MindPT by Kim Serafini

Two FREE Motivating Video App Sessions that are scientifically proven to boost your mood for as long as 6-8 hours when watched first thing in the morning.

6 Months To 6 Figures by Peter Voogd

FREE e-Book + Training. His book was called one of the top entrepreneurship books of 2015 by Forbes. Peter gives you the blueprint he used to build multiple profitable businesses that anyone can use to create 6 and 7 figure businesses without having to endure setbacks, pain and failure.

How to Escape Information Overload and Enjoy Financial Freedom by Noah St Johns

FREE Video Training Series (Value $497). Learn how to get unstuck, things to avoid if you want lasting success, step-by-step method to have your dream lifestyle business without the stress or overwhelm, how to have a “cash machine” that brings in sales on autopilot


A Successful Life Coach by Christy Whitman

FREE e-Book. Discover the time-proven secrets to building a fulfilling 6-figure coaching practice (even if you’re starting from scratch). Get the Secrets for coaching success from the one of the top coaching academies in the world

Stronger Than Circumstances by Mary Morrissey

FREE e-Book. Learn How to Stop Procrastinating, Get Unstuck and Live the Life of Your Dreams. 3 Proven Ways To Overcome Fear, Limitations, and Procrastination To Achieve Your Dreams

The 10x Productivity Factor by Eben Pagan

Free Video + PDF Downloads. Increase your productivity and get more done in less time.

Are You Being Blocked From A Truly Happy And Fulfilled Life by Harv Eker

FREE 1-Minute Quiz. Take A Quiz To See How You Can Start Living Your Level 10 Life

Ultimate Life by Harv Eker

FREE Training. Why 90% of People Are NOT Living the Life They Really Want (and Never Will)…and What You Can Do to Beat the Odds!

My Morning Mentor by Mary Morrissey

FREE Video Course. Get Your Copy Now To Learn How to Get Focused, Stay on Track and Gain Unwavering Momentum to Pursue Your Dream.


Discover How To Tap Into Your Inner Desire to Live On Purpose and In Flow by Tim Cronin

FREE Masterclass. Find out why this makes you truly Unstoppable and Step Into Your Full Potential.  

Have It All Interview with Jack Canfield by Christy Whitman

FREE 10 Minute Tell-all Interview. Jack Canfield Shares Exactly How-To ‘Have It All’ in this tell-all interview. Complete transcripts for easy reading and referencing, including private access to Marianne Williamson’s, Jack Canfield’s, Bob Proctor’s and many more raw interviews.


Quantum Success Coaching Academy by Christy Whitman

FREE Training Videos. How to change lives and earn $200/Hour as a professional life coach (even if you’re starting from scratch)

Are You Destined To Inspire The World Quiz by Christy Whitman

FREE 30 Second Quiz. Take this short, personalized assessment to determine how valuable your personal experiences truly are.

Ultimate Life Makeover by Harv Eker

FREE Webinar. A Simple 7 Step System To Design And Create Your Ultimate Life…One That’s Filled With Happiness, Balance And Fulfillment!

How To Go From Zero To Millionaire by Harv Eker

FREE Webinar. Learn How To Go From Zero To Multimillionaire Using T. Harv Eker’s Ultimate Business Success Formula

Ultimate Life Makeover by Harv Eker

FREE Webinar. A Simple 7 Step System To Design And Create Your Ultimate Life…One That’s Filled With Happiness, Balance And Fulfillment!

How To Go From Zero To Millionaire by Harv Eker

FREE Webinar. Learn How To Go From Zero To Multimillionaire Using T. Harv Eker’s Ultimate Business Success Formula

Passion, Purpose And Profits by Harv Eker

FREE Webinar. Discover T. Harv Eker’s 3 Part Formula To Get Rich Doing What You Love And Live With True Meaning And Fulfillment

Bounce Back Big by Sonia Ricotti

FREE Webinar. The 3 step proven formula to bounce back instantly (and higher than ever) when life knocks you down! Bounce Back BIG and achieve great success in ALL areas of your life – NOW!

Self-Love Activation + Self-Love Quiz by Rikka Zimmerman

FREE 90-Minute Livestream + Quiz. Releasing Your #1 Self-Love Block: The First Step to Living a Happier, more Fulfilled Life”

Unlocking The Hidden Code Of Your Financial Reality by Rikka Zimmerman

FREE 90-Minute Livestream. If you feel “stuck” when it comes to money, if you can’t figure out how to create the cash flow, wealth, and prosperity you want – THIS is for you!

How-To Use The Full Potential of Your Mind to Heal And Create The Life Your Deserve by Christy Whitman

FREE Livestream. Join one of the biggest names in personal development, including Christy Whitman, John Assaraf, Mary Morrissey and Bob Doyle as they share their most powerful teachings, techniques and reveal their deepest secrets to make your life the best it can possibly be.

Attracting Your Ideal Partner by Christy Whitman

FREE Webinar. Discover the #1 way to attract the perfect relationship in just weeks. Avoid the common mistakes that energetically repel the love you want and harness the law of attraction to find your ideal partner

Creating Money by Christy Whitman

FREE Webinar. How to Clear Your Energetic Blocks and Deliberately Attract the Financial Abundance You Want, Need and Deserve. Discover How to Become a Deliberate Creator of Financial Abundance Align Yourself with the Spiritual Laws of Financial Abundance So You Can Stop Unconsciously Repelling Wealth and Finally Feel at Ease with Money

Creating Your Ideal Body by Christy Whitman

FREE Webinar. How to Effortlessly Manifest the Body You Want – and Keep It Forever. Discover How to Create Your Ideal Body With NO Dieting, NO Food Restrictions – and NO Guilt. Revealed! The Missing Keys to Losing Weight and Keeping It Off Forever That Diet Experts Aren’t Telling You (and May Not Even Know)

Deliberately Design Your Future by Christy Whitman

FREE Webinar. How To Deliberately Design Your Awesome Future Accelerate Your Manifestations by Connecting With Your Future Self in 3 Proven Steps. Discover the Missing Ingredient for Manifesting Your Dream Life Quickly, Easily – and Exactly as You Envision

How to Use the Universal Principles of Energy and Abundance to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality by Christy Whitman

FREE Webinar. Discover the Secrets to Tapping Into the Unlimited Abundance of the Universe – and Effortlessly Attracting Your Heart’s Deepest Desires. Empower Yourself and Become a Great Light in the World by Mastering the Skill of Deliberate Creation

Start Earning What You Deserve by John Assaraf

FREE Webinar.  Find out how the latest in brain research can help you shatter your financial glass ceiling so you can finally earn what you are capable of earning. Retrain your brain to have the beliefs, habits, confidence, perceptions and behaviors of a multimillionaire.

Life Mastery Institute by Mary Morrissey

FREE Webinar. Do You Know Today’s Single, Most Powerful Way to Live Into Your Dreams, Increase Your Income and Help Others? You’ll learn how to accomplish ANY dream you may have and how you can make a difference as a thriving life coach.

Speed Wealth by Harv Eker

FREE Bestselling e-Book. How To Stop Earning A Living And Start Creating Wealth Quickly.

Way To Wealth by Brian Tracy

FREE e-Book. The Entrepreneur Guide To Building A Profitable Business, including How to Increase Sales by Improving Customer Satisfaction And How To Apply The 4 Strategic Marketing Principles Your Business.

Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy

FREE e-Book Based On His International Best-Selling Book. How To Stop Procrastinating And Get More Done In Less Time

What’s Your Excuse?

What’s Your Excuse?

Once I started seeing some success I noticed that in people’s mind there was this division, me vs them. They started seeing me as someone with superhuman powers… They’d make excuses, such as:

“Sandra, I’m not you. I don’t have 24 hours to dedicate to my online business.
“I don’t have the money to invest into advertising.”
“I have a family I need to care for.”
“I’m busy working on something else.”
“I have a job”.
“I wake up at 5am every day. I’m not getting enough sleep.

To all whiners out there my advice is simple: sleep faster! Cut out Facebook, EasterEnders Coronation Street and other crap. Everyone has a family they need to take care of. I’m no different here (I can bet for a fact that my family is larger than yours! :P)

When I started this Internet marketing journey I had a full-time job and another part-time job on top of that. Believe me, I was tired! I wasn’t getting enough sleep and had virtually no free time. I was broke and was in serious financial debt but I made this work!
My question to you is, what’s your excuse?

What new excuse are you going to come up with today that will stop you from making progress, that will keep you stuck where you are?

Wake up!

I’m not smarter than anyone else. I don’t have more hours in a day than you do. There are 24 hours in a day. How you use them is up to you.

I don’t have superhuman powers. I’m not perfect and I still make mistakes.

The reason I am successful is because I move fast and am not afraid to take the risk.

You’re never going to be successful if you excuses are greater than your actions.

You need to step outside of your comfort zone and start taking action if you want to be successful. Period!