Day 2: Affiliate Marketer’s Journey Towards Freedom

Day 2: Affiliate Marketer’s Journey Towards Freedom

Last night I spent a few hours editing my site so that it complies with Google AdWords policies. My site was suspended for more than a week now. Little to say, it’s been very stressful for me as my main source of income dried out virtually overnight.

I’ve had some success though getting a refund from the founder of Feedspot (if you’re not familiar, Feedspot enables you to keep up with all your favourite websites in one place), Anuj Agarwal, a rather canny Indian entrepreneur who was cheeky enough to refuse to issue a refund to me after I forgot to cancel my account with them after an initial one year’s free trial. He was cheeky enough to ask me to withdraw my PayPal claim offering instead to cancel my subscription. Given the fact that he keep ignoring my emails for over a month I was adamant not to let him get away with it! Persistence pays off! The money was credited back to my account.

If that was not enough, my name was listed on two different leaderboards – I’m just a few positions behind the legendary Brian Tracy. One of my Internet marketing friends even went to great lengths to find out how many Facebook followers he has. With 1,377,566 Facebook fans compared to my 23 makes it look rather grotesque!

sales leaderboard brian tracy me 9

To my surprise just today I received an email from Karl Moore’s JV manager: “You and Karl were both present on some recent leaderboards so he asked to get in touch with you to see whether you’d be interested in a potential JV or collaboration?” Karl Moore wants to work with me?! Yay! Looks like I made a name for myself!

A week ago I invested HEAVILY (it’s capitalized because $1,600 is a lot of money!!!) into solo ads from a reputable solo ad provider. My solo ad is due to go out on 11th and 13th (as you can see I am not superstitious) December. I am hoping this will compensate for the fact that I am not getting as much traffic as I used to!

If this works I’m planning to do the same for one of the launches I’m planning to promote in January 2016.

Subscribers: 120 (3 unsubscribes, 1 opt-in)

Failures: My site has been suspended for over a week now

Success: Got a refund from Feedspot; Karl Moore wants to work with me; My name was listed on two different sales leaderboards just a few positions behind Brian Tracy

Money made in November: $7,455.66 (£4,947.89) – my goal was to make $5k!!!


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    1. Thank you, Aurorasa. It’s a part of my strategy to build authority by association. With that being said I still keep wondering how I got there in the first place! All these big names right next to mine? They probably keep wondering who I am since they’ve never heard of me…

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