Day 3: Affiliate Marketer’s Journey Towards Freedom

Day 3: Affiliate Marketer’s Journey Towards Freedom

You might remember that I invested $1,600 into solo ads last month. My solo went out on 11th and 13th December generating a total of 2396 clicks and 334 opt-ins. While I was expecting slightly better results in terms of conversions (0.005%) and optin rate (14%) I still generated two sales (one for $398, one for $198) and 3 more are still pending (they might or might not go through). However, I cannot know for sure that these sales were in fact a direct result of a solo ad as it could have easily been from visitors to my blog. It’s quite unfortunate that Google decided to unsuspend my website at the time when my solo was due to go out.

Either way, I’m planning on using the same solo ad provider for one of the affiliate launches in early January 2016. My goal is to win a JV contest, if not in terms of sales (last time I was at #26) then in terms of opt-ins. I have a pretty good chance of winning in either category. I’d be the happiest if I won a trip for two to Costa Rica… Not sure what I’d do with a first place prize anyway, one of the ugliest cars in the world, a Mini Cooper worth $20k?! Shipping it over continents would cost me a fortune! Harley Davidson is not my cup of tea either. Here’s what’s at stake…

Mini Cooper

I wouldn’t mind winning a cash prize in terms of opt-ins either. In fact, I’d probably be even happier with a cash prize (my credit card is insatiable!)

We already made plans with my boyfriend that we’ll be making a trip  to Canada to collect my ugly car just to sell it on! lol

We agreed with one of my coaching students that I’ll set up a Facebook ad for him for £50. I was wanting to charge him £200 for this service and that’s exactly what I should have done. In my mind this type of service is worth £200 but since he’s a nice guy I offered him a below market price. Now, I’m starting to regret my decision as I should have charged him exactly that! What was supposed to be a half an hour work turned out to be a major effort! All because his payment method was rejected. I’ve already spent a few hours on the phone trying to fix the problem that’s not even my fault. I fulfilled my promise and delivered work on time. In fact, I had to create the same ad 4 times already! It was approved first but because the payment method was rejected the advertising account was deactivated meaning it’s not even live yet. I really do not want to charge the guy more as that’s what we agreed to but I’m really starting to lose my patience with how things are… I’ve already done more work than what I had initially agreed to and we’re not even done yet. If worse comes to worse I’ll refund him the money that he’s already paid. It’s sad because he’s a totally nice guy!


Affiliate Commissions: $2,019.60 this month so far (as of 16/12/2015)

Refunds: $413.80 this month

Subscribers: 123 in total

Lessons learnt: charge what you’re worth (don’t charge any more or any less than that regardless of how nice the person is – people will always take advantage of you)



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