Day 4: Affiliate Marketer’s Journey Towards Freedom

Day 4: Affiliate Marketer’s Journey Towards Freedom

I’ve not been very consistent but promise that will change. I now have people on my case so no more excuses!

Last weekend I attended a 2-day seminar “The Prosperity Power” hosted by Mark Anastasi. If you’re not aware you should know that Mark is one of the best Internet marketers in the world. He’s one of the very few people I follow. When I started out in Internet marketing my older sister exclaimed that “He’s got model looks!” and as of that I should follow his teachings! OK, it wasn’t quite like that but something along those lines 😉

Mark is a former security guard who was £7k in debt and eventually found himself homeless. He later made a fortune as an Internet marketer teaching people how to succeed online.

It was surreal seeing him perform on stage especially that I’ve been following him for years. I was surprised to learn that he has a great sense of humour. Nobody but Mark could get away with covering controversial topics, such as sex, religion and politics all in one! I think it takes a lot of charisma to pull an act like that.

Throughout the whole event I tried to stay out of the spotlight as much I could, however, I still managed to make …. a whole two friends! It’s about quality not quantity (talking of excuses!) I have a funny feeling they’re going to contribute to my growth as a person 😉

Now, about the ugly car I mentioned in one of my earlier posts… I never won it (thank God!) or anything else for that matter (read: severe depression) although my name was listed on yet another leaderboard (now this is new as it was an opt-ins leaderboard and I never got great results in terms of opt-ins)! My initial opt-in rate was over 80%!!!

Overall though, the launch turned out to be a …flop. Sales were scarce (half the sales I made last time), worse still they didn’t even cover my advertising budget so I actually made a loss.

The good thing though is getting great results in terms of opt-ins resulted in getting a new JV partner who contacted me after finding my name on the leaderboard. The only thing stopping me from going ahead with it is my rather small email list of … 130 or so people.

Now, we’re back to square one with list building. I can’t even take advantage of my contacts or JV offers for that matter until I build a list of a least 22k subscribers (that’s how big my JV partner’s list is).

There a few changes in terms of me running my business as I decided to hire an outsourcer! It cost me a total of… $1 for 40 hours of work (talking of bonuses!) So I got my Virtual Assistant, Jake to do 10 hours of online research for my new product. After the initial work is done I’m going to get him to slave for me for another 30 hours doing mindless work (only joking!)

Special thanks to Adam for reminding me to continue with the 30-day challenge 😉

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