eUKHost – I switched to eUKhost after my previous hosting provider could no longer cope with the amount of traffic I was getting. I opted for VPS with unlimited bandwidth. They provide speedy customer service (they respond within one day, sometimes even within minutes!) and unlike other hosting providers their staff knows their stuff!

GoDaddy – one of the leading hosting providers in the world – I was using GoDaddy for a while before switching to as they offered a much better hosting package where I could host up to 25 websites for a few bucks per month. I’ve had a good experience with them though. – personally, I haven’t used them but they’re one of the biggest hosting providers out there that offer great service  – I was using them for a year before I switched to eUKHost as their server could no longer cope with the amount of traffic I was getting, however, if you’re just starting out or are not getting a lot of traffic it’ll work you’ll be fine 🙂


GetResponse – one of the leading autoresponders in the world, Personally, I use GetResponse, however, aWeber is just as good

AWeber – one of the leading autoresponders in the world, both GetResponse and aWeber offer excellent service and comparable value

Leadpages/Opt-in pages/Landing page builder:

Leadpages – the #1 landing page builder that enables you to create professionally looking high-converting opt-in pages, landing pages, sales pages  and thank you pages etc. Newbie friendly and easy to use Integrates with all leading autoresponders Leadpages generates leads and sales for your business on the web, in emails, via text messaging, and on social media.


ClickMagick – the most accurate tracking software to track your clicks, sales and opt-ins (I’ve used quite a few and this one is by far the most accurate!)

Domain name: – you can get the cheapest domain names there – one of the world’s biggest domain name providers


123 Employee – an agency managing outsourcers so that you don’t have to train or hire staff yourself! I was using them for a month but since the project I was working on is now complete I no longer need them. I recommend them if you want to save yourself the hassle of finding and training staff No minimum contract required

Live Chat:

LiveChat Inc. – FREE 30-Day Trial, a great way to engage with your prospects live, especially if they’re on the verge of buying but need that one more question to be answered before they do (I was able to get a few sales for up to $398 that way since installing it!)

WordPress Plugins:

PopUpAlly Pro – polite plugin to increase your opt-in rates Since I started using it my opt-in rates increase from less than 1% to 11% (to illustrate this, this means getting 11 subscribers as opposed to just 1 for every 100 visitors!!!) An absolute must-have if you want to get more subscribers!

ListFusion – works in a similar way to PopAlly Pro, however, it does not include as many features It’s certainly cheaper though It works great and I’m really happy with it although if I were to choose I’d go for PopUpAlly Pro

Cloaking affiliate links:

PrettyLinkPro – there’s a free and paid version Personally, I prefer the paid version as it has a lot of great features, such as cloaking your affiliate links (great if Google classifies your site as a bridge page for sending the traffic to affiliate links)

PC Software:

Systweak CleanUp – speeds up your laptop/PC, segments disc and removes unnecessary files

Cloud storage:

Know-How – you can access your working files from anywhere in the world, backs up your files in case your laptop gets stolen/lost or damaged An absolute-must for an Internet marketer! You’ll be glad you have it!