John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass Review

John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass Review

In this honest Marketing Masterclass review, I debunk all myths surrounding the program developed by John Thornhill.  Marketing Masterclass is a comprehensive 36-week personal coaching program designed to teach its students how to build a profitable online business. But does Marketing Masterclass live it to its promises?

john thornhill reviews john thornhill marketing masterclass review

Marketing Masterclass Review


  • low-cost compared to other coaching programs
  • easy to follow training material
  • experienced coach with many successful stories
  • takes you step-by-step from beginner to experienced marketer
  • legitimate and legal (the program does not support illegitimate or unfair marketing practices)
  • no information overload
  • helps you learn how to automate your online business
  • easy to follow training videos
  • clear coaching instructions
  • helps you develop the mindset to succeed
  • helps you learn how to create multiple income streams
  • excellent support (24 hours a day)
  • personal training by John Thornhill (not someone sitting in an office working for a company).
  • 60 days money back guarantee

Marketing Masterclass Review


  • you need to be patient  as the program lasts for 36 weeks so if you’re looking for a quick fix this program is not for you (you’ll be guided every step of the way)
  • you need to be prepared to work hard ( you do need to be prepared to put in around 5 hours per week and occasionally as many as 20 hours per week)
  • you need to be dedicated (As an example when you get to week 18 and you have spent 17 long weeks working hard do you have what it takes to keep it going? Most people don’t so if you’re not dedicated don’t waste your time and money)
  • you need to be honest and willing to help others (if you are attracted to this business to make a fast buck at your customers expense then this is not for you)
  •  you need to have a burning desire to succeed (if you have always had a burning desire to succeed then this program is definitely for you)

Marketing Masterclass Review


To sum up this review, John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass is an easy to follow program that takes you step by step but it’s not a magic pill  – you need to roll up your sleeves and do the work but as long as you follow all the steps to the letter you’re almost guaranteed to succeed. John Thornhill is an experienced coach and marketer and with a 60 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose. If you liked my Marketing Masterclass Review Click Here To Get The Best Price. 


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