Payoneer Reviews – The Good And The Bad

Payoneer Reviews – The Good And The Bad

In this Payoneer review of reviews, I debunk all myths surrounding the pre-paid debit card by outlining its pros and cons. Payoneer is a global payment company that provides payment solutions for business people and affiliates. Do most Payoneer reviews actually back up the claim that it’s worth the investment?
Payoneer Review - PROs and CONs

What Do Payoneer Reviews Say About Its Benefits?


  • available in over 200 countries that other payment services do not cover
  • cost-effective – low monthly fees
  • financially responsible  (you only spend the amount that is loaded on the card because it is a debit card, not a credit card which allows you to manage your budget responsibly).
  • award-winning – Payoneer had won the “Best business to employee payment” award at the Pay Before Awards 2010
  • secure – Payoneer is constantly improving their technology to ensure customer privacy and authentication. They comply with all applicable online payment regulations.
  • safe – you receive a replacement card and your balance will be transferred if your card is lost
  • deposits to local banks worldwide
  • prepaid debit cards
  • wire transfers global and local e-wallets
  • local-currency paper checks
  • quick transfers – usually payments are available within 24 hours
  • safe, efficient and cost-saving solution is an alternative for web-based businesses that require affiliate payments
  • $25 will be added to your Payoneer account when you receive or transfer over $100 in earnings to your card.
  • flexible – scalable and customizable options, it allows others to load money onto your card and enable you to make fast bank transfers with the Global Bank Transfer Service.
  • no need to convert funds to your local currency. MasterCard automatically makes the conversion at competitive rates
  • easy to use – online banking platform is easy to use without too much technicalities
  • verify Moneybookers, Payza and PayPal with the Payoneer Card
  • quick payments available within 2 – 6 hours
  • telephone, email and live chat support
  • option to get payments from multiple affiliate networks that offer Payoneer as a payment processor.
  • no bank account required
  • account is held in US Dollars and will convert automatically when purchases are made in another currency

What Do Payoneer Reviews Say About Its Cons?


  • minimum age requirement is the age of 18
  • depending on when you apply you might wait for up to two weeks before getting approved

What Do Payoneer Reviews Actually Say?


To sum up this review, Payoneer is an award-winning global payment company that provides reliable, safe, quick and cost effective payment solutions. It’s easy to use and offers a whole range of payment options. Compared to other leading payment companies like PayPal it’s also safer. Click Here To Get The Best Price. 

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