PopUpAlly Review by Nathalie Lussier

PopUpAlly Review by Nathalie Lussier

In this PopUpAlly review, I give you an overview of how the plugin worked for me and what challenges I run into when using it. I was a bit sceptical at first, as it’s a bit pricey compared to other plugins and I was already using a similar pop up with similar features that was much cheaper but after having a quick look at my optin rate after using it for 21 days I had a change of heart! Here’s why I decided to give it a try…

PROS – PopUpAlly Review

  • there’s a FREE 21-Day Trial so you get a chance to test drive it
  • recommended by Entrepreneur “PopupAlly resulted in a 32% increase in our conversion rate and more than tripled our email database in two months” -Adam Callinan, Entrepreneur.com
  • it’s helps you stop annoying your visitors
  • it does not interrupt visitors by a rude popup (I rarely sign up to an email list when a popup blocks my way!)
  • it has 5 different display modes so you can show the popup right before someone leaves (in a gentle way), after someone explicitly clicks a link to open a popup, or after they’ve reached a certain point on your page
  • embedded designs so you can add a non-popup opt-in to your sidebar, do a horizontal opt-in below your header, or a floating opt-in bar at the top or bottom of your page
  • one of the fastest and cleanest interfaces I’ve seen on a plugin
  • great look and feel 
  • effective and functional
  • speedy and dedicated customer support – you get a direct response from the product owner himself rather than trained staff who have little or no technical knowledge They’ve got 5-star customer service, and because it’s a husband and wife team, you know that nothing is being outsourced overseas
  • fully customizable – you can change the layout, font type, font size, frame size, etc.
  • helps you build your list faster than other plugins without turning people off – based on my own stats my current opt-in rate using PopUp All is 11% for blog based traffic which generally tends to be low (prior to that I used to get less than 1% with a similar plugin!)
  • Nathalie ran an experiment on one of her non-marketing blogs and with just a simple exit-intent opt-in, opt-ins increased by 220%. In this case study that means the difference between 4,000 new opt-ins or 10,000 new opt-ins per year.

CONS – PopUpAlly Review

  • it does take a while to set everything up but thanks to their dedicated customer support and step-by-step videos it’s a lot easier – they’re always very quick to respond so whenever I run into any difficulties I contact the product owner himself who’s always very patient and knows his stuff rather than having to deal with ZenDesk or other painful solutions


To sum up this PopUpAlly review, I was really sceptical at first as I was already using a similar plugin that was much cheaper and thought that my opt-in rate could not get any better given my current results. I used to think there was no way to grow my email list without annoying people as that’s what most people tell you to do but was positively surprised at how well the plugin worked! I was really reluctant to switch plugins as I thought that setting up a new plugin would be too much work but after giving it a try for 21 days and seeing my opt-in rate dramatically increase I could not have it any other way. The plugin was easy to setup and use thanks to their dedicated husband and wife support team. Click here to grab your copy, and run a quick experiment for yourself to see what would happen to your email list if you had an increase of 220% in opt-in rates! If you sign up using this link I’ll send you the exact screenshot of PopUpAlly Pro plugin as set up on my own website that helped me increase my opt-in rate from less than 1% to 11% from blog traffic.

If you have any comments regarding this PopUpAlly review or have trouble installing it, post your comments below.