Self Love Mastery by Rikka Zimmerman Review

Self Love Mastery by Rikka Zimmerman Review

In this Self Love Mastery review I outline what the program created by Rikka Zimmerman offers, including its pros and cons. This might not be your typical review as there are very few products I feel so strongly about! With that being said, there are also a few things that I don’t quite like about it. Here’s why…

Sometimes things work in mysterious ways…

I’m not a religious or deeply spiritual person but from the very moment I was introduced to Self-Love Mastery I felt I was being ‘guided’. The moment the video started playing I instantly KNEW this was the answer I was looking for! It’s the type of feeling you get when you know you’ve finally found your soulmate. That’s exactly the type of feeling I got when I was first introduced to Self-Love Mastery.

While I wasn’t actively looking for her program and have only just subscribed to her newsletter I felt that the answer to the problems  I was struggling with presented itself. After all, there’s no such thing as coincidence!

None of the program I’ve tried so far worked!

Somehow, deep down I always knew that looking for someone who’d ‘fill me up’ or make me feel whole was not the answer. Just as much as I  knew that money was never going to solve my money problems. I knew that there had to be an answer to the fact that I felt… unlovable. The answer to the fact that I felt unworthy and undeserving of love. The answer as to why I kept sabotaging not only my finances but also my relationships with people closest to me, be it friends or loved ones. After all, all the other programs I’ve tried so far didn’t work!

I always felt there was something ‘wrong’ with me until I came across Rikka‘s Self Love Mastery. Below are what I consider to be the program’s pros and cons based on my personal experience:

Self Love Mastery by Rikka Zimmerman Review


  • considerably cheaper than many other similar programs
  • you’ll learn how to eliminate the stuck vibrations and beliefs easily, including childhood trauma, emotional baggage,
  • you’ll be able to identify the blocks resulting in relationships issues and stop them from happening again whether it’s with your partner, mum or dad, friends or children
  • you’ll be able to move on and forgive those who hurt you, whether it’s your (ex) partner, mum or dad or brother/sister – this works even if this person is no longer around!
  • you’ll experience increased levels of self-love and self-acceptance  – you’ll be able to learn how to attain self-love
  • by releasing some of the stuck energy you’ll be able to release financial blocks too – this might come as a surprise but the majority of our financial blocks have a root in our childhood as if on some level we feel unworthy and undeserving of love this can then be easily translated to feeling undeserving of money (the two are very closely related) Once these emotional blocks are removed you can then easily release financial blocks too
  • almost instantly raises your energy level – Rikka’s energy is so contagious it lights up the whole room! (There are very people that I have come across in my 30 years that I have lived on this planet that I instantly fell in love with but Rikka is certainly one of them!) Tonings which form a part of this course were specifically designed to raise your vibration level
  • it’ll help you get over disappointment in life, including childhood trauma and painful relationships
  •  it’ll help you improve your relationships with your family, friends, loved ones and business associates – I seem to keep attracting all sorts of wrong guys and at the time I started the program I was in yet another unfulfilling relationship and while we still live together I am really looking forward to getting my freedom back as the program gave me the much needed hope that it’s not always going to be that way. Even though my circumstances haven’t changed that much I’m happier now as I no longer feel I need someone else to complete me or make me feel whole as I love and accept myself more. While the program promises it’ll help you attract the love of your life it’s still very early on I’m confident I’ll be able to move on With that being said, I strongly believe that when the time comes I’ll be able to attract a partner that’s right just for me
  • you’ll be able to clear some of the stuck energy in your body resulting in illnesses, ailments and general disease (some of them with no medical explanation whatsoever) – deep seated emotional blocks often lead to all sorts of illnesses that can be released by clearing stuck energy in your body – participants have reported clearing ailments that have bothered them for years – for me personally this resulted in improved skin as I suffered from adult acne for years despite following a healthy lifestyle (you must know that acne is often a result of lack of self-love and self-acceptance)*

*psychoneuroimmunology is field that investigates the link between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body

  • you’ll no longer feel needy or clingy or feel the need for others to ‘fill you up’ or make you feel whole and complete because you’ll love and appreciate yourself more
  • you’ll be able to eliminate old abusive patterns, including overeating, involvement in abusive relationships
  • you’ll be able to experience more joy – even though my circumstances haven’t changed that much I’m a lot happier and relaxed these days. I’d take it even further by saying that BECAUSE of my changed attitude things started shifting in my life and not the other way round
  • you’ll be able to overcome fears that have been stopping you from achieving success in life, such as fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, fear of criticism
  • you’ll no longer feel awkward or uneasy around people even in crowded places – I have certainly felt that way for the most part of my adult life – I’d always feel uncomfortable in the presence of authority figures, however, just recently I was able to pluck up the courage to speak in front of the public for the first time in my life and even approached one successful business owner for help and went for a coffee with him (while this might not sound impressive to me this was a big one for me as I always preferred to stay invisible and felt unworthy of other people’s attention)
  • interactive livestreams where participants get a chance to ask questions live (unlike on most livestreams you are NOT muted!) – while this might seem a bit intimidating at first I realised very early on that I was able to clear stuff that wasn’t even ‘mine’ without having to ask a question myself! So, yes, you do get an unfair advantage of listening to other people’s stories live. The best of all is it that it helps you release your own blocks just by actively listening to it without any work on your part especially, if just like me you’d rather sit quietly and listen (this came as a big surprise as I was in fact expecting to be distracted by all the background ‘noise’!) Now, whenever I listen to recorded livestreams I feel as if I was hearing angels laughing (no joke!) That’s mainly because of the high energy of people on the call (this alone can raise your vibration up a notch!)you get access to a great community of like-minded people on Facebook who’ll support you along your journey to self-love – you also get the opportunity to ask Rikka questions
  • you get 3 bonuses, Free Yourself from All Suffering, Self-Judgment, Resistance and Pain; Unlocking the Hidden Limitations of Virtues

Self Love Mastery by Rikka Zimmerman Review


  •  lacks structure – unlike the majority of the programs of this type you don’t get login details to access the program Instead, you receive a link where you can either download the files or listen to them online However, since the files do not appear in the right order you need to order them first by selecting ‘Order by name’ option (this only takes a few seconds) You do, however, get clear instructions as to what you should do in their private Facebook group and by email which you receive on a weekly basis
  • there should be clearer instructions as to how to use the program as even though the files are numbered it’s not obvious where to start With that being said, Facebook group that you get access to provides excellent support and answers any questions you may have as to where to start You’ll also receive clear email instructions what to do next

Self Love Mastery by Rikka Zimmerman Review CONCLUSION

To sum up this Self Love Mastery review, it’s probably the worst structured program of this type that I’ve ever come across, however, it’s also by far the best in terms of content and value! I’ve never felt so strongly about any of the other programs I’ve used so far and must admit that at least for me, Self Love Mastery is the real deal! Unlike many other success programs I’ve tried so far it works on removing unconscious blocks that are stopping you from achieving success in life on a much deeper level than other conventional programs. It’s unlike anything else I’ve tried before (and I’ve tried quite a few, including Winning The Game Of Money by John Assaraf and The Unsinkable Bounce Back System by Sonia Ricotti to mention but a few) and while they did, in fact, result in some positive changes I felt that there was a missing link that was preventing me from achieving the transformational shift that I was looking for. Self Love Mastery gave me the much needed hope that I’ve lost after trying many other programs that simply didn’t work. I simply knew it was MEANT to be as soon as I was introduced to the program. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I promise you won’t be disappointed! Take this 30 Second Self Love Quiz to Discover Your #1 Block That’s Preventing Success In All Areas Of Your Life! You’ll thank me later 😉