Why I Don’t Think That MOBE Is A Scam

Why I Don’t Think That MOBE Is A Scam

Don’t take anyone’s word for it (not even mine). Since you’re able to read this post that means you’re a clearly thinking individual with a mind of your own. After all, that’s one of the reasons why you decided to do your own research, isn’t it?

Let’s establish what a definition of scam is in the first place. Scam is an illegitimate business opportunity with products (if any) being offered as a part of the program for the sole purpose of disguising it as a legitimate business opportunity.

I have a few questions for you:

How did arrive at the conclusion that MOBE was a scam?

Is it possible that you blindly listened to others because EVERYONE else said so and let others influence your opinions? Or maybe you’re one of the few who do their own thinking? I want you to think about that for a second.

Or maybe you came across a blog claiming that MOBE was a scam?

Did you get a chance to notice that the guy who actually said that was trying to lure you to into a different business opportunity that he promotes? Do you think it’s possible he might have had ulterior motives when claiming that MOBE was a scam so that rather than joining MOBE you joined a business opportunity he was promoting?  I want you to think about that for a second.

Don’t you think that if a business was a scam it would not be on the market for 5 years? Surely, someone would have taken them to court by now, don’t you think? I certainly would!

While I’m not trying to convince here, after all, you’re an intelligent human being with a mind of your own, I want you to forget everything else you know already for now.

Why do you think one of the biggest names in the industry, such as Daegan Smith, Shaquir Hussyin, Paul Lynch and John Chow to name but a few would do business with a notorious scammer? Don’t you think that’d reflect badly on their own reputation? Personally, if that were the case, I’d run in the opposite direction!

Do you think it’s possible that Matt Lloyd, MOBE’s founder, is not what many picture him to be? I might be a little biased here, but to me, he seems like a rather humble guy as for a notorious scammer, don’t you think?

Why some people don’t make any money with MOBE?

  • like with most programs of this type the vast majority don’t do anything with it – you could have the best product out there, however, if you do nothing with it… well, nothing happens! ALL the people  I spoke to (here I mean ALL of them without exception), and I spoke to quite a few,   who decided to join MOBE when asked why they made no money with it answered: “I’ve not done much with it” Well, I think you get the idea as it’s self-explanatory!
  • the ones who make money with MOBE take action – you can’t expect something for nothing If you purchase MLR but do absolutely nothing with it then that’s exactly what happen Why would you expect your online business to be any different from any other business opportunity? “Nothing happens until something moves” Albert Einstein
  • Affiliate marketing is just like any business. It takes hard work to make substantial income. Affiliate marketing is no different. Some affiliates make no money at all” (MOBE’s Income Disclosure Statement) You need to treat affiliate marketing just like any business.  If you get this simple truth then you’re already one step ahead of the vast majority of  people who don’t make any money with it!
  • it’s all about the mindset – you need to keep working on your mindset if you want to get ahead in life Many people come to this industry with the wrong type of expectations expecting to get rich overnight or get something for nothing

MOBE is yet another MLM! – No, it’s not. It does, however, involve elements of MLM. With that being said, growing a downline a such is optional and you can do perfectly well without it.

All employees ATTENTION please!
When people say your biz opp, “Looks like a pyramid scheme” to me it makes me laugh. It makes me wonder whether it’s because they’re slow-thinking or have been brainwashed. Here’s why…

mobe scam

  • the product itself is well-worth the investment– in fact, some people decide to join MOBE purely because of the quality of the training they get
  • access to one of the largest (if not the largest) community of Internet marketers in the world – think in terms of networking opportunities


If by the end of reading this post, you still think that MOBE is a scam then all I can say is that I totally get that and don’t blame you. The only thing I’d say is, no matter what you decide to do, do your own thinking. Don’t let other people’s opinions influence you or talk you out of your dreams. If deep down you believe that this is the right thing then go ahead and do it! Don’t overthink or over complicate stuff. Just do your own thing! After all, the purpose of this post was not to force my ideas onto you but rather make you think and I do hope I succeeded at that.