Best Times To Post On Social Media – Checklist

best times to post on Social Media Checklist

Best Times To Post On Social Media – Checklist

Not only what you post on social media but also when you do it is of essence when it comes to leveraging your social media efforts. Creating engaging content simply isn’t enough! Rather than spending hours upon hours on social media you need a more strategic approach…

QuickSprout compiled a data on the best times to post on social media into a beautiful infographic. Based on that data I’ve created a very handy checklist for you to use (works with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest) that will help you leverage your time spent on social media and save you hours of hard work! Below you’ll find a sample view of the checklist (click on the image to enlarge it):


Click Here To Get Your FREE Social Media Checklist. You can then print it off or save to your computer.

How Does This Work?

  • once you’ve downloaded the file print it off and go to the section that’s of interest to you There is a separate list of tasks for each section (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn)
  • each section is arranged in a chronological order for easier reference (Monday tasks appear at the top of each section, conversely you’ll find weekend tasks at the bottom of each section) Similarly, morning tasks appear before afternoon and evening tasks
  • once completed simply tick each item off the list and move on to the next… (using a pencil rather than a pen and then rubbing it out will save you a ton of paper and ink!)

I can guarantee that if you keep doing it for the next 30 days you’ll start seeing results! You’ll not only be getting more clicks, likes, shares and followers but as a result you’ll be able to build a list of highly engaged fans and subscribers that will later turn into customers.

I’m planning on taking a screenshot of my own checklist and saving it as a desktop background to keep an eye on the best times to post on social media!

Let me know how you got on by sharing your comments below.

Happy posting!

What’s The Best Time To Post on Google+? [Infographic]

whats the best time to post on Google+

What’s The Best Time To Post on Google+?  [Infographic]

Posting original, engaging content on social media simply isn’t enough. If you want to gain a competitive edge  you need to find different ways of being unique in the marketplace. Knowing what’s the best time to reach out to your Google+ audience will give you an unparalleled advantage and will ensure that your content goes viral in no time…  What’s the best time to post on Google+ then?

When should you post to Google+?

According to Social Media Week the best time to post on Google+ are Wednesdays at 9am. As a general rule, it is best to post on Google+ in the morning. Hubspot claims that you should aim for 9am-10am in order to get the best exposure as this is the time when G+ users are most active.  In need of more 1+s? In terms of user engagement Wednesday at 9am is the best time to post as this is the time when G+ users are most likely to engage with your content.

The infographic from QuickSprout below beautifully illustrates when’s the best time to post on Google+:

  • best days to post are during the week Monday through to Friday
  • best time of the day to post on Google+ is Wednesday 9am-11am 

On Google+, social media posts on Wednesdays at 9am do the best in terms of social applause and engagement.

According to Buffer, late morning during weekdays are best to share on Google+.

TIP: Use the Timing+ to find the optimal time tailored to your audience.

Source: QuickSprout

whats the best time to post on Google+

As always, test everything! You might want to play with these times a bit, try posting a bit earlier or a bit later than suggested and monitor what works best with your audience.

If you want to find out How To Get More Interaction on Google+ read this article. What are your tips and strategies when it comes to getting more interaction on Google+? What has been your experience when engaging with your audience on G+?