Winning The Game Of Money Review

winning the game of money review

Winning The Game Of Money Review

In this complete Winning The Game of Money Review I give you an overview of my personal experience with the program. Winning The Game Of Money (2017) is a program designed by John Assaraf to retrain your brain for higher levels of financial, life and business success, more confidence, certainty and personal power.* Read on if you want to learn why I was ready to give up in week 3…

winning the game of money review

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Testimonials and examples used are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. I reiterate that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. I share this with you so I can ensure that you made this decision with the correct expectations. If you choose to invest into any program reviewed on this website you need to understand your results will depend on many variables. Although I can show you the results of my past and current earnings, there is no way to predict what your individual results will be. Purchasing any product reviewed here does not guarantee that you will have a certain result. Potential results range widely, depending on many factors including you.


I was broke and… broken

First of all, I’d like to give you a little background story to understand the changes that happened in my life. Before I started the program in March 2014 I was broke. I purchased the program because I was completely hopeless and felt I needed something to work at a much deeper level as I didn’t think I could simply ‘talk myself out’ of negative patterns of thinking and behaviour and self-limiting beliefs around money. Growing up in poverty with four sisters and my mum (my Dad died when I was 15) lack and scarcity was all I knew. I felt I didn’t deserve to be rich. I got into a vicious circle of making money and then losing it one way or another as even though I was earning more money than I used to on a subconscious level I was still operating on a negative pattern of thinking and would sabotage all my efforts.

I couldn’t afford to buy it

Since I couldn’t afford to purchase the product I decided to use my credit card instead and paid for it in three instalments (It’s actually cheaper to pay in full!). Soon after starting the program I fell seriously ill and could no longer continue with it for another month or so. Later on I got back to listening to the program and listened to it twice a day in the hope this would speed up my results! (there’s no need to listen to it twice a day though, in fact, once a day is what John Assaraf recommends).

I was ready to give up…

The first two weeks of using the program were the most difficult ones. Around week 3 I was ready to give up as there was a lot of resistance going on (this is perfectly normal as I would later find out and is, in fact, a sign that the program is working). It got a LOT better after that and after the third week I started looking forward to listening to the program.

I started noticing subtle changes

Within a few days after that I started noticing subtle changes although they were very uncomfortable at first. By that time, strange things started happening. I started receiving unexpected sums of money (Honestly, I thought such things only happened to other people not me!). Since I’ve spent all my money on the program and then also because of the fact that I became ill and couldn’t work for a month I could no longer afford to attend a seminar in London as planned. In a rather unexpected turn of events, a client of mine offered to cover my expenses!!! I was not expecting this! I was not only able to go to London but attending the event had a significant impact on my business. Later on, a friend of mine offered to cover my flight expenses and invited me to visit him after my boyfriend unceremoniously made me cover the whole cost of our not-so-romantic trip to Paris!

My business keeps getting better and better. I’ve recently also had my first four-figure day (I made $2,148.00 in one single day!). A year prior to that I made only $5k per annum (there’s  no typo there – that’s how little I used to make!). I no longer sabotage my efforts. As my business keeps growing I have a lot more confidence these days and am really looking forward to the future. I sleep a lot better (prior to starting the program I suffered from insomnia). I am a lot more relaxed and find it a lot easier to take on responsibility while prior to that I’d have issues with procrastination and self-doubt. I even surprised myself how productive I can be!

All in all, my financial situation has significantly improved. I was not expecting this but my personal relationships and the relationship I have with myself improved too (this came as bonus!). I have attracted a few good business partners into my life. Generally speaking, I am a lot more fulfilled and happy these days getting paid doing what I love, helping people change their lives for the better.

Below are what I consider to be Winning The Game Of Money pros and cons based on my personal experience with the program (your results might differ)*:

Winning The Game Of Money Review PROS:

  • uses brainwave technology scientifically proven to work – “In a brain scan imaging study at the University of San Diego, California or UCSD individuals were subject to an experiment for over six months where they retrained their brain using *9 Level Brain Re-Training System over a course of 90 days. The first individual increased her income by 247%, second person by 300%, third person by 50%, within six months” (John Assaraf, The Big Life) *9 Level Brain Re-Training System refers to Winning The Game Of Money (See Disclaimer)
  • increases your income & levels of wealth – what I used to earn annually I now earn in one single month (plus some more)!
  • retrains your brain to create the income and wealth you want – it enabled me to create the income I feel I deserve
  • helps you overcome obstacles that have been stopping you from earning the income you deserve – it helped me overcome procrastination, fear of failure and fear of rejection
  • eliminates self-limiting beliefs in the area of money – I now feel that I deserve to be rich and focus on abundance rather than lack and scarcity, I’m no longer afraid I’ll lose it all
  • increases self-confidence – I have a lot more confidence now
  • enhances the feeling of gratitude and appreciation – I now feel grateful for all the little things life brings, good or bad
  • eliminates doubt and procrastination – I no longer doubt myself and was able to overcome procrastination too
  • gives you a sense of purpose – I now have a sense of mission in life
  • helps you gain more clarity – it enabled me to gain more clarity in life and focus to work towards my goals
  • helps you gain more control – I now feel I have more control over my life, finances,  relationships and time
  • increases your belief in your own abilities – my self-esteem and level of belief in my success increased
  • eliminates stress – I am a lot more relaxed these days
  • enhances your health – I am not only healthier but also stronger these days and don’t fall ill as often as I used to
  • improves your sleep – I used to suffer from insomnia, I now rarely have an odd night when I don’t sleep well
  • results in more meaningful relationships – I was able to make some great connections and walk away from people who were not elevating me
  • makes you more generous and thoughtful towards others – I am not naturally a giving person but have noticed that giving comes easier to me these days
  • user-friendly and easy to use program (both online and downloadable version) Step-by-step instructions how to use the program
  • well-structured and easy to follow program for each week
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Winning The Game Of Money Review CONS:

  • consistency and self-discipline is required – according to Maxwell Maltz, the author of bestseller Psycho-Cybernetics, it takes 21 days to develop a new habit: “it requires a minimum of about 21 days for an old mental image to dissolve and a new one to jell.” For me personally, the first 3 weeks were the hardest after that I got hooked on the program because of how it made me feel!
  • it’s not a magic pill – if you find one do let me know You still need to roll up your sleeves and do some work Just listening to the program won’t change your life unless you act on your hunches and intuitive hits (whatever they may be). I’m telling you this so that you come with the right expectations
  • it takes time to establish a new routine and build new neural networks in the brain

Winning The Game Of Money Review CONCLUSION:

Winning The Game Of Money has excellent reviews and incorporates the newest brainwave technology. Winning The Game Of Money delivers on its promise hence its low refund rate. As with any brainwave technology program consistency is the key, therefore, if you want to see any results you need to listen to the audios daily for 35-40 minutes. While the program worked for me there is no way to predict individual results as they vary greatly. In fact, I have turned a few people away not because I don’t believe in the program (because I do!) but because I didn’t think they were a good match (some people expect something for nothing hoping for a magic pill!). All I know is that it worked for me and I can only speak for myself and from my own experience. Just remember to be consistent! Remember, in a few months, you could be further along the path to financial success… or you could be in exactly the same spot you are now.  If you are OK with that, then this may NOT be for you.  If, however, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to escape your money problems and create financial success NOW then Click Here To Uncover The REAL Reason Of Your Money Problems and The Four Words You Must NEVER Say to Yourself If You Want To Escape Your Money Problems…   If not, that’s OK too. No hard feelings. A year from now you will wish you had started now but I totally get this may NOT be for you.

If you have already watched the Brainathon Click Here to Get The Best Price And Claim $11,673 Worth Of Bonuses. 

TIP #1: Don’t give up if you experience resistance at first -it’s a sign that the program is actually working. It’s your old pattern of thinking that wants you to remain stuck where you are as it feels threatened by the new neural pathways that are being built

TIP #2: It’s actually cheaper to pay for the program in full – if you pay in instalments you’ll end up paying more (you can save up to $585 by paying in full!)

Share your comments on John Assaraf’s Winning the Game of Money Review below. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have or if you get stuck (it does not have to be related!). Send me a private message on Facebook or email me at sandra.stachowicz(at) I’m always happy to help!

How To Write A Good Product Review

how to write a great product review

How To Write A Good Product Review

Not all product reviews were created equal. I’m sure you’ve seen quite a few badly written product reviews that were full of hype, claims that cannot be backed up and resembled poorly written sales pages. A well-written product review is a review that not only builds trust of your potential buyers but also results in more sales and lower refund rates. In fact, one of my best product reviews generated me over $47k in commissions. How do I write a good product review then?


  • only write reviews of products you have personally tried and tested(!) unless you’re absolutely sure the  owner of the product is an ethical and trustworthy person and runs an 100% legitimate and legal business The exception to this rule is when you have tried some of their other products
  • make sure you have done your own bit of research – read other reviews of the same product (it might even turn out the product you wished to review is not a legitimate business or a scam) This will give you an idea of what to focus on and will bring your attention to the aspects of the product you may not have thought about Take bits and pieces of that information, put it in your own words and use it in your own review (copying other people’s product reviews is pointless as Google penalizes copycats)
  • make sure there are no more than 3 other products reviews of the same product you wish to review – just google your chosen keywords Let’s say the product you wish to review is iPhone 6. Your chosen keywords would then be “iPhone 6 review”. A quick Google search reveals, however, that this particular keyword has way too many existing reviews (you’re unlikely to get any visitors to your site and as a result make any sales at all from the review of that product). In fact, this is one of the first steps to take when choosing the right product to promote. Experiment with different keywords/products until you find one that has less than 4 existing product reviews (this is to ensure your product review is as profitable as possible)
  • make sure the refund rate of the product you wish to review is low – you don’t want to be endorsing a product with a 50% refund rate (50% refund rate means that half of the people who purchased the product requested a refund) You don’t want to be promoting these type of products as it will frustrate not only you but also people who buy from you and can tarnish your reputation in no time! The lower the refund rate the better Products with a higher refund rate are poor quality products or products which misguide their prospective buyers Here you may wish to contact the actual product owner requesting their refund rate stats. It’s unlikely, however, you’ll be given exact figures (the exact refund rates are probably higher than they made you believe!)
  • choose the right products – you want to make sure that the product you wish to review is a high quality product with a high conversion rate (a product that sells well) with a low refund rate (the number of people who purchase the product and then go on to ask for a refund is low). ClickBank and JVZoo gives you the option to check the product’s refund and conversion rate (very useful information when choosing the right product to promote or review)
  • less is better – nobody wants to read lengthy 20-page long reports Ideally limit yourself to one, maximum two pages of pure content (statistically most people won’t even bother to scroll down the page)
  • be as accurate as you can – only the most important facts, limit yourself to a few main features and/or benefits Focus on the facts
  • outline the product’s benefits – focus on the most important ones that you find your readers may find useful and relevant Think in terms of what you’d like to know about the product before you make a purchasing decision
  • outline only a few main features (assuming your readers have previously landed on the actual product’s sales page and have done their own bit of research) The trick here is not to be too repetitive as your readers are already familiar with the product’s features they’re just looking for that one extra bit of information to make up their mind and help with their purchasing decision
  • always back up your claims – let’s say you claim the product is cheap. Cheap relative to what? It’s always safer to say it’s cheaper than other leading brands  or its direct competitors (do your own bit of research to make sure the information you provide is as accurate as possible) It always helps to give their actual name as it gives you the extra edge over your direct competitors (Did you know that the owner of the product who makes claims that cannot be backed up can get sued?)
  • outline at least one of the product’s flaws – even if you can’t find any try to think of one that’s trivial or insignificant making sure that it will not have a negative impact on your prospects’ purchasing decision People buy from people they like and trust You want to make sure your readers trust you If you focus only on the product’s benefits you’ll come across as salesy and untrustworthy You need to have your prospects’ best interests at heart
  • be honest – honesty pays off If you think the program is pricey you might want to mention that but add that the product offers great value for money This will automatically lower your prospects’ expectations (possibly resulting in a lower click through rate) but once they purchase the product they’re less likely to ask for a refund hence lower refund rate It’s a win-win!
  • use bullet points for easier reference
  • for every seeming flaw outline one of the product’s benefits that mitigates it (see  do not offer misleading information or misrepresent the product/service) and perfectly counteracts the negative impact this information might have on your prospect’s purchasing decision No product is perfect

Click Here To View An Example Of A Good Product Review That Generated Me Over $51k In Commissions


  • product review is NOT a sales page! – avoid hype, superlatives and sounding salesy, instead focus on the facts and the actual benefits without being judgmental or trying to convince your readers to buy The purpose of a product review is to offer impartial information not to pitch
  • copy and paste the actual sales page  – use your own words and focus on the most important bits of information, outline a few (not all!) of the product’s main features focusing on its benefits (you’re assuming your prospects are already familiar with the product’s sales page and the product’s features, otherwise they would not be here in the first place) The trick here is to skip what’s irrelevant and/or repetitive
  • never endorse products of poor quality or developed by someone of questionable reputation or your reputation can be tarnished in no time
  • do not offer misleading information or misrepresent the product/service this will only result in higher refund rate and will frustrate not only you (seeing refund requests flood in is not a pleasant sight!) but also your readers who rely on the information you provide Let’s say the product is difficult to set up Rather than telling your readers blatantly that the product is difficult to set up tell them something between these lines “it takes a while to set it up” (this will lower their expectations) but at the same time give them some kind of incentive that would entice them to overcome this obstacle , such as “but once it’s set up it runs on autopilot” It has to be something that will outweigh the product’s seeming disadvantages
  • use judgemental or pejorative language – remember you’re acting as an impartial observer and are not there to make judgements You’re there to help with your prospect’s purchasing decision Avoid superlatives such as “amazing, extraordinary, unbelievable” etc. If you do, however, always back up your claim

How To Write A Good Product Review Then?

There are a few rules when it comes to writing a good product review. First and foremost, choose the right product to promote. What I mean by that is choosing a high quality product with a high conversion rate and  a low refund rate.  Rule number two, be as honest and accurate as possible, do not offer misleading information or misrepresent the product or service you’re promoting. Focus on providing value and useful information that you think someone considering a purchase of that particular product might find useful. The aim of a good product review is to build trust of your prospects which you’re doing by outlining not only the good but also the bad. By outlining some of the product’s flaws you’re acting as their friend. As a result they trust you.

Remember that a product review is NOT a sales page! Treat your prospects as a friend. Make yourself available to answer any questions they may have by encouraging them to post in the comments section of your product review, spend some time answering their questions. It’s a lot easier to convert someone who’s already looking for that extra bit of information into a buyer than someone who’s never been exposed to any of your products. It’s never time-wasted!

The end result? More sales, higher conversion and low refund rates! If you’re smart enough you can also deter tire-kickers from purchasing your products by suggesting that your product is not a magic pill and that if they want to see any results they need to put in time and effort! This will result in lower refund rates.

I’m happy to analyse and scrutinize any product reviews you may have. Did you find this article useful? If so, share your comments below.

Is Winning The Game Of Money A Scam?

john assaraf winning the game of money scam review

Is Winning The Game of Money A Scam?

This article sheds some light as to whether the Winning The Game Of Money (aka Winning The Inner Game Of Money) is a scam. Let’s dive deeper and find out whether Winning The Game of Money falls into the definition of a scam

Let’s start by defining what a scam is. A scam is a product or service that offers little or no value at all. Oftentimes, the product is there only to disguise the fact that there is no value to be gained from purchase.

After doing my own research I decided to purchase the program and put it to the test. After a year of using it I can say without a shadow of a doubt that The Winning The Game Of Money is NOT a scam. Here’s why…

Winning The Game Of Money Is NOT A Scam

First of all, it has a very low refund rate (hence very high customer satisfaction). The Winning The Game Of Money is a quality product with a dedicated customer support team and a 30 day money back guarantee. A quick Google search will reveal that The Winning The Game Of Money is not a scam as it has excellent reviews

Why Is Winning The Game Of Money Not A Scam?

The Winning the Game of Money is a proven brain re-training program that works on your conscious and subconscious mind to retrain your brain for success and wealth through guided hypnosis, affirmations, guided visualization, guided meditation and subliminal messaging. The Winning The Game Of Money has a proven track record and has been on the market for a few years now unlike some scam products that have a very short shelf life. Below I have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions in order to enable you to make an informed decision.

If Winning The Game of Money Is Not A Scam, Does It Actually Work?

If you’re expecting to see any results you need to roll up your sleeves and do the work. The Winning The Game of Money is not a magic pill. If you’re expecting something for nothing, are a tyre kicker or are looking for a get rich quick scheme then this program is not for you. But if you’re consistent enough and follow the plan to the letter there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t succeed. In fact, the Winning The Game of Money has a very low refund rate which speaks for itself (9 out of 10 people are happy with the program and would recommend it to a friend). If the program didn’t work it’d have a much higher refund rate. Clearly this is not the case.

How Did Winning The Game Of Money Work For Me?

The first two weeks were the most difficult for me as major changes happen in your brain (amygdala). After that it feels almost like your second skin. Each video is around 40 minutes long so it was very easy for me to fit it into my busy schedule (I run my own business). On some days I’d listen to it twice daily (once in the morning upon waking up and once in the evening just before going to bed) although this is not necessary. The main reason I decided to go try the program is because I had self-limiting beliefs surrounding money and nothing seemed to work for me when it comes to eliminating procrastination. I started noticing positive changes already in the first week of listening to the program. Little by little, I started noting that the program worked on eliminating my limiting beliefs surrounding money and my self-worth when I thought that this was impossible! I have tried other programs before with no success. Money literally started flowing to me from different sources (in small amounts but still!) even though I wasn’t working any longer or any harder. I also noticed that it worked on eliminating my procrastination. I was more of a go-getter these days! My income keeps getting better and better and I have attracted wonderful people, circumstances and situations into my life. Just as an example, I was planning to go to London to attend a seminar that after a serious illness I could no longer afford and that I really wanted to go to. For whatever reason, one of my clients decided to sponsor my trip (which by the way wasn’t cheap!). I was able to quit my job and now live the life of my dream by getting paid for what I love doing! I strongly believe it’s the result of using the program.

To start with, I wasn’t very consistent and had to start over a few times as at the time I started the program I was seriously ill (I have now fully recovered). This, however, did not seem to have an impact on my results.

What Does Winning The Game of Money Include?

The Winning The Game of Money includes the following:

  • Guided hypnosis
  • Affirmations
  • Guided Visualization
  • Guided Meditation
  • Subliminal Messaging
  • Brain re-training

How Does Winning The Game Of Money Work?

The technology used in Winning The Game of Money was designed to:

  • Condition your conscious and unconscious minds to work together in supporting your goals
  • Retrain your brain to increase your wealth
  • Reduce fear and anxiety
  • Release positive brain chemicals (dopamine)
  • Improve learning process
  • Encourage emotional balance
  • Decrease level of stress and anxiety
  • Eliminate any conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs about wealth and success


Is Winning The Game of Money For Me?

The Winning The Game of Money is for you if any of the following apply to you:

  • You want to reduce stress
  • You want to eliminate limiting beliefs about money and wealth
  • You want to retrain your brain to increase your wealth
  • You want to reduce fear and anxiety
  • You want to reprogram your self-image
  • You want to balance emotional state
  • You want to promote healing
  • You want to increase problem-solving abilities
  • You want to eliminate negative thoughts
  • You want to increase creativity
  • You want to improve visualization
  • You want to improve your learning abilities
  • You want to enhance positive thoughts
  • You want to feel calmer and be more at peace

The Winning The Game of Money is NOT for you if one or more of the following apply to you:

  • You’re not willing to set aside 45 minutes a day to listen to a daily audio
  • You’re not willing to do the work and are expecting something for nothing
  • You’re a tire-kicker and are looking for a get rich quick scheme

If the above does not apply to you Click Here To Register for a FREE Live Webinar With John Assaraf (the last 7 seats available).

Still in doubt? I’m happy to answer any of your questions, simply send me a private message on Facebook or post your questions in the comments section below.

Subliminal Power Review – The Good and The Bad

subliminal power review

Subliminal Power Review 

subliminal power review

Subliminal Power is a subliminal message software. It flashes positive affirmations on your computer screen while you work or play. In this Subliminal Power review of reviews I compiled a list of its pros and cons.  Let’s dive deeper and find out whether it’s one of the best subliminal programs

Subliminal Power Review – Benefits


  • virus-free and does not interfere with any other programs on your computer
  • downloadable and CD version
  • well-tested
  • the user interface is modern, simple and fairly intuitive
  • free upgrades
  • very affordable, great value for money compared to competitors
  • you can customise it to suit your needs e.g. create your own subliminal scripts, or edit the existing ones to fit in better with your own needs
  • used by Olympic athlete winners, software giant Microsoft and the US Army, Tiger Woods, Steven Spielberg, even the US Government 
  • you can write your own subliminal power programs unlike with  any other free software on the market
  • you can add it to your launch programs for your convenience
  • you can use the software secretly at your workplace
  • 28 day money back guarantee

Subliminal Power Review – Disadvantages


  • could look a bit more professional although that’s probably the reason why it’s  so slick

Does Subliminal Power work?

Users claim that the software is affordable, well-tested, runs smoothly and works just as advertised resulting in some noticeable yet subtle changes. Most buyers would recommend the product. Click Here To Get The Best Price.

If you liked my Subliminal Power Review Click Here To Get The Best Price.