How to Sell Affiliate Products?

How to Sell Affiliate Products

Many super affiliates boast about making thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars per month. This can lead some to believe that selling affiliate products is easy, when the opposite is actually true. Becoming a successful affiliate marketer takes more than you think. It requires dedication, the right products, and the right strategies. Here’s what you need to know about how to sell affiliate products:

Where to Find Products to Sell

The biggest hurdle most affiliates come across is actually finding something to sell. Here, there are essentially two different tactics you can take. The first approach is simple, you find products that you truly care about and love and market those products.  Or you find products that are likely to make you the most money, and sell those products. The two tactics are not necessarily mutually exclusive, but it is important to know which factor is most important to you.

Some of the best places to look for products to sell is on affiliate networks. Networks like Commission Junction, ClickBank and JVZoo have a huge variety of products available to those who want to become affiliate marketers.

How to Sell Affiliate Products

Here are some of the most common strategies affiliate marketers use to sell their products:

  1. Write a review. Writing a review of a product is a great way to sell something. Most consumers rely heavily on reviews in order to determine which products they want to buy, so detailed content telling them the benefits of a product they are interested in purchasing is likely to bring your traffic and commissions.
  1. Report an authentic experience. Consumers can sense disingenuousness, and it will drive them away from you. Instead, be genuine, whether you are writing a story or creating a review. If you veil a sales pitch in a review, people will see through it immediately and will click away immediately.
  1. Build your email list. Selling products to an email list is even easier than selling them to blog readers or website visitors. Start building a list of raving subscribers by including an opt-in box on your blog.
  1. Go with tried and true. Before you hop on the bandwagon of some latest craze or yet another shiny object, look for products that other affiliates have had some success with. This will give you a much return on investment, as you already know there is a market for them. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Take advantage of what’s already working and copy it!

Good luck!

How To Sell Affiliate Products?

How To Sell Affiliate Products?

Making a passive income online can be a simple process by knowing your audience and what  products they would be interested in. If you have a blog or website than setting up a way to profit from affiliate products should be relatively easy to do. If done properly it can help you earn you a substantial income month after month. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do all the work just once and enjoy a recurring income for months or even years to come while sleeping or watching TV? Placing affiliate offers on your sites cannot only be profitable but also requires a relatively low effort and can help build your credibility.

Have A Solid Audience

If you are just starting a blog or website taking the plunge into selling affiliate products may not be your best option at the moment. In order to reap the rewards of selling affiliate products you need to have an audience to present them to. No audience, no income. Begin by first establishing your blog or website and gaining followers. Building up your reader and fan base will enable you to engage with them and better predict what kind of products or services they will be interested in. You will also have a better understanding of the right way to present the products to your readers that make them  more appealing to your potential buyers.

Promote Products You Are Passionate About

If you’re not so keen on the products you promote do not expect your audience to buy them either. In order to get people interested in the products you are promoting you need to be genuine and honest. Your audience needs to believe that this is something that can really help them and that they can trust that you are writing about it from a personal standpoint. Know everything about the product and relay your personal experience with the product to your audience.  Test it yourself first if possible and do not offer misleading information. In the long run this will hurt your credibility and your followers will be reluctant to trust you again.

 Affiliate Product Options

When it comes to affiliate products there are three main options you can choose from to make some extra income. Promoting or reviewing products on your site may not always be necessary. You can choose from pay per sale, pay per click or pay per lead. Only the pay per sale option requires a sale to actually happen for you to get paid. Pay per click might work for you if you have a content rich site. You get paid every time a visitor clicks on one of the ads displayed on your website (they do not have to make a purchase). This is typically done by displaying ads or banners on your site with a call to action for a visitor to click on. Pay per lead is calculated by the number of visitors to any given site that give away their contact information, such as their email address or contact number. You get paid for every visitor who  fills out a form on a destination site.

Including affiliate products on your site can generate you a hefty income but you need to carefully think about what your readers and audience wants. Start off with just two or three affiliate products and keep track of how your audience is responding to them. You may want to start off with a comparison of products. This allows you to compare multiple products in one post, meaning you can better judge which one is generating the most interest and income.