Can You Still Make Money On YouTube?

Can You Still Make Money On YouTube?

I’ve recently watched a webinar with Jon Penberthy where he explained how he made $851k last year thanks to free YouTube traffic. Now, this certainly gave me something to think about!

Can you still make money on YouTube? Let’s find out!

Did you know that the average watch time of your video is more important than the number of views? You can easily outrank a video with thousands of views by using this simple strategy!

Sometime in April this year I uploaded a video to YouTube. I applied whatever little knowledge I had. A few months later my video was already ranking quite well although it did not appear on the first page of Google. Did you know that it’s 53 times easier to rank a video than a text content?

It also helps if you embed a video on your own blog or website. The more sites you can embed it on, the better.

Did you know that it doesn’t really matter how many other competing videos there are? Your only concern are a few videos that already rank at the top of search engines.

Rather than creating a video first, do some keyword research and pick a keyword people are actively searching for by using YouTube autosuggest tool. Another good strategy to implement is to create a video product review by using a keyword “[name of the product] review”. This works with physical products too.

A quick overview how to rank your YouTube video:

  1. Pick a keyword people are actively searching for
  2. Create a video based on your chosen keyword
  3. Rename the file using your keyword and upload it to YouTube
  4. Include a link at the very beginning of the description (this is the only bit people see when watching your video)
  5. Include your keyword in the title of the video
  6. Include your keyword a few times in the description of the video
  7. Include your keyword in tags (3-4 keywords variations)
  8. Include a link to another high ranking video  to show YouTube that you’re not a spammer
  9. Go to Fiverr and purchase a gig for $5 to get some backlinks and social bookmarks

Then give it between 13 seconds to a few weeks and watch you video appear on page #1 of Google!

This is the strategy I applied to have my video ranked on page numer one of Google!

Happy video creation!

Day 1: An Affiliate Marketer’s Journey Towards Freedom

Day 1: An Affiliate Marketer’s Journey Towards Freedom

I’ve once heard of a guy who documented his online marketing journey towards financial freedom. While I can’t recall what the guy’s name was, apparently, even to this day he’s still getting traffic to his blog on that particular topic!

So I decided to replicate his steps in the hope that it might help other Internet marketers out there. I’d certainly find such content very useful as many people embarking on this Internet marketing journey feel overwhelmed with information overload not knowing where to turn, what to do, who to follow and what products to promote…

My goal is to document my Internet marketing journey for the next 30 days by sharing my insights, what I’ve learnt, the obstacles I came across and my everyday successes and failures.

So here we go!

Today, I’m full of mixed emotions. On one hand, I’m under a lot of stress as Google suspended my site so I can no longer send traffic to my blog, meaning that I need to rethink my whole marketing strategy. The lesson I learnt from that experience is: NEVER over-rely on just one source of traffic!

On the other hand, just today I received an email from Mark Low telling me that I’m one of the top affiliates for John Assaraf’s at #25! I’m super excited as my earnings per optin are through the roof at $122.21 per optin!!! (much higher than any other top affiliates). Just to give you an idea, the second highest earnings per optin were $19 per optin. Quite a difference, huh? Little to say, I am proud of myself!

However, as I mentioned earlier my success was overshadowed by the news that my site was suspended. I still hold onto hope that they will reverse their decision.

In the meantime, I set up Facebook ads to compensate for the traffic lost due to the fact that I can no longer drive traffic to my blog using AdWords.

I cannot stress the importance of having multiple sources of traffic and not overly relying on just one source of traffic, be it Google, Facebook or Bing. If you rely on just one source of traffic you don’t have a business. Period!

As a part of my contingency plan should Google permanently suspend my site I went onto to purchase 3 gigs on Fiverr. My plan is to use article marketing to drive traffic to my brand new site: (there’s not much there at the moment). My goal is to use original content to drive traffic to my brand new site with a view to build an email list of raving personal development fans.

Stayed tuned as tomorrow I’m going to use my boyfriend as a guinea pig as we’ll be setting up his very first Facebook ad campaign (please note my boyfriend has no previous experience in Internet marketing whatsoever!) Watch this space I’m going to share with you the results of my experiment!

What I did today: Set up a Facebook ads campaign, Went onto purchase 3 gigs on Fiverr (article writing), Emailed my list – scheduled to go out tomorrow and Saturday (promo), Wrote this post

Lessons learnt: Have multiple sources of traffic – if you rely too much on just one source of traffic you don’t have a business!

Successes: My name was listed as one of the top affiliates for John Assaraf’s affiliate program

Failures: Google suspended my site