Day 5: Affiliate Marketer’s Journey Towards Freedom

Day 5: Affiliate Marketer’s Journey Towards Freedom

If you’ve not heard from me for a while that’s because I’m a self-confessed lazy ass and am not a very consistent bunch. Yep, despite having a(n) (un)successful online business I struggle with procrastination and self-sabotage. (I’ve only recently learnt that this is a result of unresolved emotional issues from the past aka Emotional Intelligence. The good news though is it’s …curable!) Now, back to the point I was trying to make…

I have made some progress… albeit mainly downward since AdWords banned my site meaning that my worst dream came to fruition in the form of being cut off from my main source of traffic. As a result, my income that dried out practically overnight. In hindsight, this was an accident waiting to happen and although back then when a similar situation occurred I was able to take some steps to correct the course of action this time though it proved to be practically impossible to resolve.

Now, I’m having to act like a donkey on steroids not knowing which way to turn to replace my current source of income. I feel overwhelmed by information overload, procrastination and my inborn ability to self-sabotage that I have successfully practiced since the day I was conceived. This combined with a distance to myself results in a rather interesting mix of self-irony and self-pity.

As of May, I have made no profit at all. I was successful, however, at making a loss of more than $64.5 that I need to give myself credit for. It’s funny looking at a negative ROI (as if such a thing existed at all!) in my affiliate back office though.

With that being said, I’m a failure albeit a determined one. As Winston Churchill once said “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Well, since I have not been pronounced dead as of yet I might just as well continue on my path to self-destruction which some scholars for reasons unknown to me prefer to call self-realisation.

-If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.- - Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer, an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development who recently passed away, argues that “If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.” Hm, I can’t help but think that whichever way I look at my ROI it appears to be… well, just that – negative.

Enough of my sarcastic sense of humour for now, my main focus is to take advantage of whatever faith I still have left in my abilities and use it build a list of raving fans and followers. You can expect to see me investing a program that promises to get me to 10,000 leads in 100 days. Since I’m going to document my journey you can expect my story to have you in fits of laughter as I follow the steps outlined in the program day by day.  How’s that for fun?






Analyzing How Affiliates Make Money Online

Analyzing How Affiliates Make Money Online

I study websites that make their income from affiliate marketing and I try to find out what works for them, what are the exact steps they follow to earn a good affiliate income.

The website I am analyzing in this article was listed on Flippa (I don’t want to mention it so as to respect the anonymity of the owner).

If you are an affiliate but not sure which niche is profitable, then you can follow the example here.

The Niche

My subject of analysis is a website in the web hosting niche, meaning that you can become an affiliate for many web hosting companies too.

Web hosting companies provide generous affiliate commissions, that’s because one client can be worth hundreds of dollars since anyone of us can host his website for years and pay on monthly basis.

Also there is a high demand in this niche as every day people buy web hosting plans to host their websites. So imagine earning an affiliate commission whenever you get the chance from this huge pool of buyers in this niche.

Just take a look at how many people look to buy a web hosting plan, and if you are an affiliate for any webhosting company then some of those people could end up buying from your affiliate link.

The Traffic

That was actually the good news, as the affiliate website I am analyzing doesn’t have much traffic and yet earns an average of $700 per month.

Take a look at the figures below (the stats is for 3 months). He actually got 1909 unique visitors in 3 months.

analyzing how affiliates make money (2)

That is about 22 visitors a day which is a very low number, a number you can achieve after one month of marketing work on your website.

And from what I noticed, over 95% of his traffic is coming from organic SEO (i.e. from Google searches).

Of course, if you managed to put in more effort on getting traffic to your own affiliate website, you can certainly beat these numbers by x10 folds.

I also took a deeper look on how he did his SEO, and in turns out what he did was rather simple and yet required some investment. I figured he invested in SEO because he wanted to get the results faster and at the end he did get his return of investment (as you will see in The Profits section below).

He depended on backlinks from PR websites (many of which require you to pay nowadays). Also he focused on getting forums backlinks (but this one is free).

Beside the SEO, I could see that he was recording lots of videos and uploading them on YouTube.

And I think YouTube videos can be vital in this niche, that’s because the web hosting niche has so many long tail keywords (sub niches) that are basically problems that people need solving.

Examples of such problems are:

  • How to setup wordpress blog
  • How to prevent DDoS attacks
  • And other hosting/blog related problems

And you can imagine, if you can showcase your knowledge to your videos viewers, you will certainly gain their trust and even recommend the webhosting company you are promoting as an affiliate.


The Social Media Properties

An interesting and at the same time expected technique by the affiliate was to create accounts on various social media websites, in effort to increase the sales channels and not depend solely on SEO.

Social Channel 1) YouTube (67 original videos)

His YouTube channel was not that popular (only 71 subscribers), however, his 67 videos have generated over 20,000 views.

Imagine how many did buy after watching his videos. And this just shows you how the web hosting niche is closely related to video content.

And around 80% of his videos were about how to install WordPress blog on your web host company.

This is rather a weakness from this affiliate, as he could have uploaded more diverse videos on various and broad web hosting related topics. And if you decided to get in this niche then certainly keep that in mind.

Social Channel 2)Vimeo (67 original videos)

He simply uploaded the same videos on YouTube to

The only thing to mention is that he got 0 subscribers and fewer views on Vimeo than on YouTube. This is not a surprise as YouTube is known to be the most visited video sharing site.

Social Channel 3) Daily Motion (67 original videos)

Same as YouTube and Vimeo, he uploaded the same videos to

One thing to notice is that he got 2 subscribers and 4K viewers to his 67 videos, a moderate number but indeed more than that on Vimeo.

Social Channel 4) Pinterest Coupon Code Page

This was actually very smart of him, he used the photo sharing website Pinterest to post coupons to many web hosting companies he is an affiliate to.

Since a coupon could easily be presented in an image, this means that any photo sharing website can be a gold mine in this niche.

He got 1170+ followers and 128 coupons on his Pinterest account.

You can even use websites like Instagram to promote your coupons.

Social Channel 5) Facebook Page

This is rather the classic of social media promotion nowadays.

Our affiliate here created the Facebook page, and added all the coupon images and videos there.

This shows you that once you have your content (either videos or articles) you can curate and share them across multiple platforms to increase you exposure and at the same time doing all this with minimum effort.

Our affiliate managed to get only 181 likes, a number you can easily increase if you are looking for more successful Facebook campaign.

At the end, there are many social media websites out there that can help you in your affiliate marketing journey.

You just need to be smart on how you use each one of them to maximize your affiliate sales potential.


The Profits

And finally let’s look at how much this affiliate earned per month

analyzing how affiliates make money (3)

You can see that our affiliate was averaging $700 a month. And from what we have analyzed above you can certainly be sure that these figures can easily be doubled in 1 month and even increased to x10 folds over the course of the year.

But these figures tell us another story…

From as little as 22 unique visitors a day, you can earn over $700 monthly profits as an affiliate marketer.

In the end it comes down to a combination of the:

Right Niche + Traffic + Content + Hard Work

Follow this formula and you will find that making money as an affiliate is 100% attainable goal.

In my affiliate marketing course on I try to emphasize this point to my students.