How To Achieve More Doing Less?

How To Achieve More Doing Less?

Is it possible at all? In today’s society we get bombarded with information everywhere we turn, whether it’s emails, TV, Facebook messages, phone calls or co-workers screaming for our attention.  It’s almost as if taking the time to simply reflect or sitting still was a sin! There’s this unspoken rule that the more do more you achieve. We’ve been conditioned to think that the moment we stop doing anything the world will grind to a halt. It’s almost as if we didn’t exist at all! Western society certainly does not favour mindfulness  or deliberate action. In fact, employers openly encourage multi-tasking without realising its damaging effects on our brain.  Our modern day consumerist society certainly does not favour mastery. Multi-tasking and information overload are what’s on our everyday’s menu. How to get passed all this noise and succeed in the economy that favours quantity over quality?

Do less and do it better, to completion

As John Assaraf, once said “Do less and do it better, to completion”. He even took it further but saying “do not overpromise and overcommit to yourself or others.” All too often we overextend ourselves by saying yes to the things that don’t matter to us, whether it’s helping a friend or family member in need or doing your boss or co-worker a favour knowing all too well that you won’t be able to deliver on your promise simply because you have too many things on your plate already! The end result being you end up being frustrated, miss a deadline and are not moving towards your goals! Worst of all, you get told off for your half-hearted approach  by your friend or poor quality of work by your boss. Steve Jobs even said, “It’s what Apple said ‘NO’ to that ultimately made them successful.”

Don’t be afraid to say no.

Don’t be afraid to say no. All too often we are afraid to say no for fear of being seen as selfish. We’ve been conditioned to think that people who say no are egocentric and self-centred when the opposite is true. Oftentimes, people with low-self esteem are the ones who get taken advantage of as they lack the power of saying no. The ones who get ahead in life are the ones who are not afraid of saying no. It’s OK to say no. Would you rather compromise on things that matter to you simply to please others? If you’re not going to do a great job better don’t do it at all. Rather than committing yourself to too many things start saying no to anything and everything that does not bring you closer to your goals. Easier said than done!

Do you suffer from a shiny object syndrome?

There’s an epidemic affecting our society that has a negative impact on the quality of your results medically known as ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ (aka SOS). The symptoms of the disease include, unrelentless and obsessive need to purchase one product after another in the hope of finding a ‘magic pill’. It’s a bit different from your average female fashionista addict going on a shopping spree though as the motivation behind it is different. What motivates shiny object syndrome sufferers is their relentless  quest for knowledge versus the need to fill emotional emptiness. Products that were supposed to help them in the first place eventually lead them off their chosen track. Now, I’m not saying purchasing knowledge is bad. All I’m saying is anything in excess can be harmful. A coaching student of mine suffers from a very serious case of Shiny Object Syndrome buying one information product after another without implementing any of them. Not surprisingly, when questioned about it he denied as if he had a problem at all! Every time I speak to him he’s onto the next ‘magic pill’. To this day he’s yet to find one that works. The last time I spoke to him he was onto the next ‘BIG THING’…

The thing is if he stopped buying one information product after another and simply implemented one and mastered it he would become successful. Period. This brings me onto the next thing…

Mastery Over Information Overload

“Contrary to popular wisdom knowledge is not power – it’s potential power. Knowledge is not mastery. Execution is mastery. Execution will trump knowledge every day of the week” Tony Robbins

Rather than focusing on a few things all at once focus on implementation and mastery of just one and become a master at it. Don’t move onto the next thing until you have mastered it. Only once you have become an expert at it move onto the next thing and become a master at it. Being a master in one area of expertise will trump being above average in more than one every day of the week. 

tony robbins

You’ll never achieve mastery if you don’t apply what you’ve learnt. Unapplied knowledge is useless. Focus on mastery and implementation versus information overload and multi-tasking. What’s the best area of expertise to focus on? The one you stick to!

As the saying goes, less is better! What area of expertise are you going to become a master at?