Winning The Game Of Money Review

winning the game of money review

Winning The Game Of Money Review

In this complete Winning The Game of Money Review I give you an overview of my personal experience with the program. Winning The Game Of Money (2017) is a program designed by John Assaraf to retrain your brain for higher levels of financial, life and business success, more confidence, certainty and personal power.* Read on if you want to learn why I was ready to give up in week 3…

winning the game of money review

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Testimonials and examples used are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. I reiterate that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. I share this with you so I can ensure that you made this decision with the correct expectations. If you choose to invest into any program reviewed on this website you need to understand your results will depend on many variables. Although I can show you the results of my past and current earnings, there is no way to predict what your individual results will be. Purchasing any product reviewed here does not guarantee that you will have a certain result. Potential results range widely, depending on many factors including you.


I was broke and… broken

First of all, I’d like to give you a little background story to understand the changes that happened in my life. Before I started the program in March 2014 I was broke. I purchased the program because I was completely hopeless and felt I needed something to work at a much deeper level as I didn’t think I could simply ‘talk myself out’ of negative patterns of thinking and behaviour and self-limiting beliefs around money. Growing up in poverty with four sisters and my mum (my Dad died when I was 15) lack and scarcity was all I knew. I felt I didn’t deserve to be rich. I got into a vicious circle of making money and then losing it one way or another as even though I was earning more money than I used to on a subconscious level I was still operating on a negative pattern of thinking and would sabotage all my efforts.

I couldn’t afford to buy it

Since I couldn’t afford to purchase the product I decided to use my credit card instead and paid for it in three instalments (It’s actually cheaper to pay in full!). Soon after starting the program I fell seriously ill and could no longer continue with it for another month or so. Later on I got back to listening to the program and listened to it twice a day in the hope this would speed up my results! (there’s no need to listen to it twice a day though, in fact, once a day is what John Assaraf recommends).

I was ready to give up…

The first two weeks of using the program were the most difficult ones. Around week 3 I was ready to give up as there was a lot of resistance going on (this is perfectly normal as I would later find out and is, in fact, a sign that the program is working). It got a LOT better after that and after the third week I started looking forward to listening to the program.

I started noticing subtle changes

Within a few days after that I started noticing subtle changes although they were very uncomfortable at first. By that time, strange things started happening. I started receiving unexpected sums of money (Honestly, I thought such things only happened to other people not me!). Since I’ve spent all my money on the program and then also because of the fact that I became ill and couldn’t work for a month I could no longer afford to attend a seminar in London as planned. In a rather unexpected turn of events, a client of mine offered to cover my expenses!!! I was not expecting this! I was not only able to go to London but attending the event had a significant impact on my business. Later on, a friend of mine offered to cover my flight expenses and invited me to visit him after my boyfriend unceremoniously made me cover the whole cost of our not-so-romantic trip to Paris!

My business keeps getting better and better. I’ve recently also had my first four-figure day (I made $2,148.00 in one single day!). A year prior to that I made only $5k per annum (there’s  no typo there – that’s how little I used to make!). I no longer sabotage my efforts. As my business keeps growing I have a lot more confidence these days and am really looking forward to the future. I sleep a lot better (prior to starting the program I suffered from insomnia). I am a lot more relaxed and find it a lot easier to take on responsibility while prior to that I’d have issues with procrastination and self-doubt. I even surprised myself how productive I can be!

All in all, my financial situation has significantly improved. I was not expecting this but my personal relationships and the relationship I have with myself improved too (this came as bonus!). I have attracted a few good business partners into my life. Generally speaking, I am a lot more fulfilled and happy these days getting paid doing what I love, helping people change their lives for the better.

Below are what I consider to be Winning The Game Of Money pros and cons based on my personal experience with the program (your results might differ)*:

Winning The Game Of Money Review PROS:

  • uses brainwave technology scientifically proven to work – “In a brain scan imaging study at the University of San Diego, California or UCSD individuals were subject to an experiment for over six months where they retrained their brain using *9 Level Brain Re-Training System over a course of 90 days. The first individual increased her income by 247%, second person by 300%, third person by 50%, within six months” (John Assaraf, The Big Life) *9 Level Brain Re-Training System refers to Winning The Game Of Money (See Disclaimer)
  • increases your income & levels of wealth – what I used to earn annually I now earn in one single month (plus some more)!
  • retrains your brain to create the income and wealth you want – it enabled me to create the income I feel I deserve
  • helps you overcome obstacles that have been stopping you from earning the income you deserve – it helped me overcome procrastination, fear of failure and fear of rejection
  • eliminates self-limiting beliefs in the area of money – I now feel that I deserve to be rich and focus on abundance rather than lack and scarcity, I’m no longer afraid I’ll lose it all
  • increases self-confidence – I have a lot more confidence now
  • enhances the feeling of gratitude and appreciation – I now feel grateful for all the little things life brings, good or bad
  • eliminates doubt and procrastination – I no longer doubt myself and was able to overcome procrastination too
  • gives you a sense of purpose – I now have a sense of mission in life
  • helps you gain more clarity – it enabled me to gain more clarity in life and focus to work towards my goals
  • helps you gain more control – I now feel I have more control over my life, finances,  relationships and time
  • increases your belief in your own abilities – my self-esteem and level of belief in my success increased
  • eliminates stress – I am a lot more relaxed these days
  • enhances your health – I am not only healthier but also stronger these days and don’t fall ill as often as I used to
  • improves your sleep – I used to suffer from insomnia, I now rarely have an odd night when I don’t sleep well
  • results in more meaningful relationships – I was able to make some great connections and walk away from people who were not elevating me
  • makes you more generous and thoughtful towards others – I am not naturally a giving person but have noticed that giving comes easier to me these days
  • user-friendly and easy to use program (both online and downloadable version) Step-by-step instructions how to use the program
  • well-structured and easy to follow program for each week
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Winning The Game Of Money Review CONS:

  • consistency and self-discipline is required – according to Maxwell Maltz, the author of bestseller Psycho-Cybernetics, it takes 21 days to develop a new habit: “it requires a minimum of about 21 days for an old mental image to dissolve and a new one to jell.” For me personally, the first 3 weeks were the hardest after that I got hooked on the program because of how it made me feel!
  • it’s not a magic pill – if you find one do let me know You still need to roll up your sleeves and do some work Just listening to the program won’t change your life unless you act on your hunches and intuitive hits (whatever they may be). I’m telling you this so that you come with the right expectations
  • it takes time to establish a new routine and build new neural networks in the brain

Winning The Game Of Money Review CONCLUSION:

Winning The Game Of Money has excellent reviews and incorporates the newest brainwave technology. Winning The Game Of Money delivers on its promise hence its low refund rate. As with any brainwave technology program consistency is the key, therefore, if you want to see any results you need to listen to the audios daily for 35-40 minutes. While the program worked for me there is no way to predict individual results as they vary greatly. In fact, I have turned a few people away not because I don’t believe in the program (because I do!) but because I didn’t think they were a good match (some people expect something for nothing hoping for a magic pill!). All I know is that it worked for me and I can only speak for myself and from my own experience. Just remember to be consistent! Remember, in a few months, you could be further along the path to financial success… or you could be in exactly the same spot you are now.  If you are OK with that, then this may NOT be for you.  If, however, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to escape your money problems and create financial success NOW then Click Here To Uncover The REAL Reason Of Your Money Problems and The Four Words You Must NEVER Say to Yourself If You Want To Escape Your Money Problems…   If not, that’s OK too. No hard feelings. A year from now you will wish you had started now but I totally get this may NOT be for you.

If you have already watched the Brainathon Click Here to Get The Best Price And Claim $11,673 Worth Of Bonuses. 

TIP #1: Don’t give up if you experience resistance at first -it’s a sign that the program is actually working. It’s your old pattern of thinking that wants you to remain stuck where you are as it feels threatened by the new neural pathways that are being built

TIP #2: It’s actually cheaper to pay for the program in full – if you pay in instalments you’ll end up paying more (you can save up to $585 by paying in full!)

Share your comments on John Assaraf’s Winning the Game of Money Review below. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have or if you get stuck (it does not have to be related!). Send me a private message on Facebook or email me at sandra.stachowicz(at) I’m always happy to help!

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How To Achieve More Doing Less?

How To Achieve More Doing Less?

Is it possible at all? In today’s society we get bombarded with information everywhere we turn, whether it’s emails, TV, Facebook messages, phone calls or co-workers screaming for our attention.  It’s almost as if taking the time to simply reflect or sitting still was a sin! There’s this unspoken rule that the more do more you achieve. We’ve been conditioned to think that the moment we stop doing anything the world will grind to a halt. It’s almost as if we didn’t exist at all! Western society certainly does not favour mindfulness  or deliberate action. In fact, employers openly encourage multi-tasking without realising its damaging effects on our brain.  Our modern day consumerist society certainly does not favour mastery. Multi-tasking and information overload are what’s on our everyday’s menu. How to get passed all this noise and succeed in the economy that favours quantity over quality?

Do less and do it better, to completion

As John Assaraf, once said “Do less and do it better, to completion”. He even took it further but saying “do not overpromise and overcommit to yourself or others.” All too often we overextend ourselves by saying yes to the things that don’t matter to us, whether it’s helping a friend or family member in need or doing your boss or co-worker a favour knowing all too well that you won’t be able to deliver on your promise simply because you have too many things on your plate already! The end result being you end up being frustrated, miss a deadline and are not moving towards your goals! Worst of all, you get told off for your half-hearted approach  by your friend or poor quality of work by your boss. Steve Jobs even said, “It’s what Apple said ‘NO’ to that ultimately made them successful.”

Don’t be afraid to say no.

Don’t be afraid to say no. All too often we are afraid to say no for fear of being seen as selfish. We’ve been conditioned to think that people who say no are egocentric and self-centred when the opposite is true. Oftentimes, people with low-self esteem are the ones who get taken advantage of as they lack the power of saying no. The ones who get ahead in life are the ones who are not afraid of saying no. It’s OK to say no. Would you rather compromise on things that matter to you simply to please others? If you’re not going to do a great job better don’t do it at all. Rather than committing yourself to too many things start saying no to anything and everything that does not bring you closer to your goals. Easier said than done!

Do you suffer from a shiny object syndrome?

There’s an epidemic affecting our society that has a negative impact on the quality of your results medically known as ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ (aka SOS). The symptoms of the disease include, unrelentless and obsessive need to purchase one product after another in the hope of finding a ‘magic pill’. It’s a bit different from your average female fashionista addict going on a shopping spree though as the motivation behind it is different. What motivates shiny object syndrome sufferers is their relentless  quest for knowledge versus the need to fill emotional emptiness. Products that were supposed to help them in the first place eventually lead them off their chosen track. Now, I’m not saying purchasing knowledge is bad. All I’m saying is anything in excess can be harmful. A coaching student of mine suffers from a very serious case of Shiny Object Syndrome buying one information product after another without implementing any of them. Not surprisingly, when questioned about it he denied as if he had a problem at all! Every time I speak to him he’s onto the next ‘magic pill’. To this day he’s yet to find one that works. The last time I spoke to him he was onto the next ‘BIG THING’…

The thing is if he stopped buying one information product after another and simply implemented one and mastered it he would become successful. Period. This brings me onto the next thing…

Mastery Over Information Overload

“Contrary to popular wisdom knowledge is not power – it’s potential power. Knowledge is not mastery. Execution is mastery. Execution will trump knowledge every day of the week” Tony Robbins

Rather than focusing on a few things all at once focus on implementation and mastery of just one and become a master at it. Don’t move onto the next thing until you have mastered it. Only once you have become an expert at it move onto the next thing and become a master at it. Being a master in one area of expertise will trump being above average in more than one every day of the week. 

tony robbins

You’ll never achieve mastery if you don’t apply what you’ve learnt. Unapplied knowledge is useless. Focus on mastery and implementation versus information overload and multi-tasking. What’s the best area of expertise to focus on? The one you stick to!

As the saying goes, less is better! What area of expertise are you going to become a master at?

Day 6: Affiliate Marketer’s Journey Towards Freedom – Does Banner Advertising No Longer Work?

66.67 CTR BANNER ADVERTISING does banner advertising no longer work

Day 6: Affiliate Marketer’s Journey Towards Freedom – Does Banner Advertising No Longer Work?

We’ve probably all heard the term  ‘banner blind’, however, banner advertising is probably still one of the easiest ways of making money online. No technical skills are required and it’s very easy to set up. However, there are a few things you need to take into consideration when purchasing banner space. Rather than just taking my word read on to find out how I managed to get a whopping 71.43% CTR!

According to WordStream Average click-through rates for banner ads […] have been on the decline, but common wisdom is that a CTR above 2% is commendable. The average CTR is much lower (around 0.25%).

Two days ago, I went ahead and purchased a banner space through BuySellAds on a financial news site to promote my affiliate offer in the Internet marketing niche (not your typical choice for a make money online offer!). The site that I decided to go for is not even getting enough traffic for data to be collected but taking into consideration that it only cost me $25 to have it displayed for 30 days there’s not much risk involved, especially that I’ve tested it earlier on with a different type of offer and a completely different banner getting a decent CTR (click-through-rate) of 3.86%.

TIP #1: When purchasing a banner space go for a fixed amount  where you pay a fixed amount for 30 days rather than pay per 1,000 impressions – that way you’ll know exactly how much you’re spending (This is very important especially if you’re new to banner advertising!) In the right hand column you can see the different payment options including a fixed amount per 30 days or per each 1k impressions as displayed on BuySellAds:

does banner advertising no longer work

TIP# 2: Avoid rotating banners ads – you’ll have probably noticed by now that some publishers (site owners that sell banner advertising space) sell rotating ads – what this means is that rather than having your banner displayed all the time it rotates and you share the same banner space with a few other advertisers, which is a bit like sharing a room which you want to avoid at all cost!

TIP #3: Check how much traffic a site is getting by using a free tool You should aim for at least 60k per month to get a decent amount of clicks. Bounce rate (the lower the bounce rate the better as what this means is that visitors are more likely to visit a few pages rather than just one) and average time spent on the site is very important too! (this reflects the quality of the content – the more time they spend on the actual site the better). After all, you want to advertise on sites with a high quality content that engages its users.

TIP #4 Think outside the box. The fact that you’re promoting a make money online offer does not necessarily mean you should advertise on sites about Internet marketing (as you probably already know by now this can turn out to be quite costly!), instead think outside the box and experiment with different types of sites. What I’ve found works great with these type of offers are financial news sites and conservatives’ sites (which can come as a big surprise!)

How Did My Experiment Go?

This came as a huge surprise to me but two ads after my ad went live and I’m getting a whopping 66.67% CTR!!! (unheard of i the industry!). See my stats below (click on the image to enlarge):


However, as you probably know by now, not all clicks were created equal. My biggest takeaway from this experiment is that a high CTR is NOT your aim. Why? While I had an EXTREMELY high CTR (and while it’s still too early to stay as it’s only been two days since my banner ad went life) this does not necessarily translate into a high opt-in rate (as of today no opt-ins whatsoever, however, as I’m getting more clicks this might soon change). So what initially seems like a great advertising space is in fact (at least for now!) a complete waste of time and money.

TIP #5: Make sure your banner is EASY to read, don’t use any fancy fonts (If it’s difficult to read for you there’s a good chance others will find it difficult to read too!)

TIP #6: Use colours that stand out against the site’s background, e.g. the dominating colour in my banner is red which makes it stand out against the grey background of the site

Why Did I Get Such A High CTR?

First of all, the banner I decided to choose stands out against the rather boring background. Secondly, it’s easy to read (no fancy fonts or small print difficult to read). Third, it’s high quality.  Personally, I prefer simple and ugly banners vs. glossy ones as I find them to work best! What is more, my ad is positioned right above the search box (you’ll be surprised how many clicks you can get if you place your ad right above the search box!). This works great mainly because it’s visible in the top right on their homepage and every time a visitor searches a specific term they see my ad.

TIP #6: Ad positioning is extremely important! You don’t want to display your ads in the graveyard of the site (read: below the font)*. Either aim for leaderboard banners or top right (e.g. above the search box). Also, make sure it’s visible on every page a visitor visits by checking relevant posts (you’ll find that on some forums or sites your ad will be displayed only on their homepage/main page but once a visitor visits related pages your ad is no longer visible).

*below the font means in the footer of the site after scrolling down to the very bottom of the page

How Can My Campaign Be Improved?

Currently, I’m getting a whopping 71.43 % CTR (yes, you read correctly!) when industry’s standard above 2% is commendable! While a high CTR is always desirable it’s not the be-all and end-all, especially if you’re not getting a good amount of opt-ins or sales. After all, at the end of the day you don’t want to spend all your advertising budget just to get clicks that you can’t even monetise on! With that being said, I’m going to keep tweaking it to make sure that my ad is congruent with my landing page as this could be one of the reasons why I’m not getting any opt-ins or perhaps my landing page does not convert that well after all. Another possibility is that the quality of traffic that I’m getting is low or perhaps I’m targeting the wrong type of audience!

I’ll keep you posted on the results of my experiment!

Please share your comments below.

Personal Development Affiliate Programs and Launches 2019

Personal Development Affiliate Programs & Launches

Personal Development Affiliate Programs and Launches 2019

Looking for high paying personal development affiliate programs to promote? Scroll down for an up-to-date list of high converting affiliate programs and launches in the self-development niche. Are a JV manager or product owner looking for high quality referral partners? You’re in the right place!

2016 Personal Development Launches

Bookmark this page as I update it regularly. I’m in regular touch with JV managers and product owners in the personal development niche and regularly update launch dates and add in new  affiliate programs in the personal development niche so that you can get access to the best affiliate programs in the self-development niche out there without having to look all over the Internet!

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Calling All Affiliates And JV Partners In The Personal Development Niche!

Are you an affiliate or referral partner looking for high converting, high paying affiliate programs in the personal development niche? Browse our ever-growing list of affiliate programs in the personal development niche to promote! If you have any questions or need help with anything do get in touch! I’m here to help.


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Want To Earn High Commissions With Very Little Work? 

If you found a great offer that is not listed here do get in touch with a short description of the affiliate program you joined, including the a). product owner’s name, b). name of their core product/s, c). price d). % commissions payout d). conversion rates and opt-in rates (either average or your own stats) and e). any criteria that potential referral partners must meet (e.g. list size, following, website etc.), f). your link to refer sub-affiliates. In return, I’ll include your affiliate link here for others to sign up as your sub-affiliate to earn extra commissions on autopilot!


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Calling All JV Managers And Product Owners In the Personal Development Niche!

Are you a JV manager or product owner in the personal development niche yourself? Do get in touch with a short description of the product/service you offer, including the name of your core product/s, its price, commissions, conversion and opt-in rates and any criteria that potential referral partners must meet. In  return, you’ll get high quality referral partners! [/feature_box]


2016 Personal Development Launch Dates

November 2016

5th annual Live Brain-A-Thon, John Assaraf  (NeuroGym) Winning The Game Of Money, Having It All, Winning The Game Of Fear, Winning The Game Of Weight Loss – 50% commissions, evergreen core product worth $995 offers you $398 commissions (1st level) and 10% on 2nd level referrals, launches twice a year, including quarterly affiliate contests. Featured guests include Larry King. Their best converting event ever (converts a lot better than webinar replays). Personally, I made over $51k in affiliate commissions since Dec 2014, Sign Up As An Affiliate Here or Click Here For A More Detailed Overview Of John Assaraf’s Affiliate Program

December 2016

23rd December – 10th January, 2017 100 Day Challenge, Gary Ryan Blair, (aka The Goals Guy), high-converting goal setting and performance acceleration program, 50% commissions for the 1st tier sale and 10% from your second tier sales, valuable and very reasonably priced program endorsed by John Assaraf and Brian Tracy, Click Here To Sign Up As An Affiliate, JV Manager Todd Harris

2017 Personal Development Launches

January 2017

17th January to 6th February 2017 – Sonia Ricotti – Unsinkable Bounce Back System – one of my favourite affiliate programs, high-converting launch, with high EPC, 50% commissions worth $123.50 (1st level referrals) and 10% on 2nd level referrals, great prizes to win (up to $20k) sign up as an affiliate here

August 2017

8th- 28th August 2016 – Karl Moore, Hypnosis LiveZen12, Subliminal Guru  and Subliminal360. During the launch you get 100% commissions (rather than 60% commissions), their current EPC $1.20 to $2.00 (my current EPC is $4.44), tested mailout copy and free gift offers for your subscribers, pays out on the 15th every month, by PayPal (they cover your fees), $100 minimum payout, extra automatic commission paid on other Inspire3 sites linked to through their autoresponder, two-tier program pays 5% on anyone you refer (1-yr minimum, ongoing for active affiliates), The contest officially opens August 8th 2016 at 00:00:01 EST, and closes August 28th 2016 at 23:59:59 EST. They’re running a sales and opt-in contest covering Hypnosis Live, Zen12, Subliminal Guru and Subliminal 360, up to $35k in prizes, 100% commissions during the launch. The 100% payout rate will run from August 8th through to September 10th, JV Manager Andrew Roth, Sign Up For Karl Moore’s Affiliate Program Here

September 2017

September 6th to 13th for pre-launch and Sept. 13th – 20th for registration; Christy Whitman – Quantum Success Coaching – high commissions of $1,000 (for a product worth $5,000), the winner of JV contest wins the all-expenses paid trip to the Four Seasons Resort in Maui, high converting webinar offering valuable content, 
 sign up here as an affiliate

September 21st – October 10th – Mary Morrissey – The Dream Builder Program – extremely high opt-in rates (I had an opt-in rate of over 80%  during their last launch), their core product sells for $497 (they also offer a 4 pay plan option, 4 payments of $149.00), program delivery:The DreamBuilder Program comes with 16 audio Mp3’s and a downloadable workbook. The audios are digitally delivered weekly via e­mail, with 24 hour access to the DreamBuilder Program membership site, 50% commissions on the $497.00 course, sign up here as an affiliate, launch September 21st – October 10th, prizes worth up to $35k, including evergreen DreamBuilder Program promotions, JV manager Lily Orr

October 2017

17th -28th October, MindMovies (Offer TBD), high-converting offer (my EPC were a whopping $4.56 per click!), evergreen campaigns, they provide affiliate links, email copy, banners and articles to help you promote, they do a great job supporting their affiliates and send you a personalised email at the end of the launch to thank you for your support (no matter how small), JV manager Kristen Nevis


Personal Development Launches in Alphabetical Order (By First Name)

  • Bob Doyle – Wealth Beyond Reason, 30% commissions (1st tier) and 5% from 2nd tier referrals,  affiliates can no longer sign up online for Boundless Living Affiliate Program and instead are approved manually, email with your name, email address and website stating why you believe you are a good fit
  • Bob Proctor – Six Minutes to Success, Magic in Your Mind, Streaming Club – high-converting products, his affiliate program Proctor Gallagher ClickBank Affiliate Program runs through ClickBank, sign up here to become an affiliate or email for more information
  • Brian Tracy – a wide variety of products to choose from, 25% commissions, sign up as an affiliate here
  • Christy Whitman – Quantum Success Coaching – high commissions of $1,000 (for a product worth $5,000), pre-launch: September 6th to 13th and Sept. 13th – 20th for registration; the winner of JV contest wins the all-expenses paid trip to the Four Seasons Resort in Maui, sign up here as an affiliate
  • Gary Ryan Blair, The Goals Guy,  50% commissions, $100 minimum balance payout required, a range of banners and textual links to choose from, you earn a commission based on your commission type, generic link sign up, JV Manager Todd Harris, launch 23rd Dec – 10th Jan, 2016
  • Jennifer McLean Healing With The Masters – 50% commissions (1st tier) and 15% percent commissions on second tier referrals,  sign up for McClean MasterWorks Affiliate Program here 
  • John Assaraf  (NeuroGym) Winning The Game Of Money, Having It All, Winning The Game Of Fear, Winning The Game Of Weight Loss – 50% commissions, evergreen core product worth $995 offers you $398 commissions (1st level) and 10% on 2nd level referrals, launches twice a year, including quarterly affiliate contests. Personally, I made over $47k in affiliate commissions since Dec 2014, Sign Up As An Affiliate Here or Click Here For A More Detailed Overview Of John Assaraf’s Affiliate Program
  • Dr Joe Rubino, The Total Self-Esteem System – high converting products (3% conversion rate), low refund rate (less than 2%), 40% commissions on all sales (up to $92.40 per sale), entry package $37, the upsell sells for $97 (a complete home study course), the second upsell sells for $197 (3 highly intensive tele-seminar sessions), Dr Joe Rubino’s Affiliate Program runs through ClickBank, click here to sign up as a ClickBank affiliate
  • Karl Moore, Hypnosis LiveZen12, Subliminal Guru  and Subliminal360. 60% commission on every sale you refer (during the launch you get 100% commissions), their current EPC $1.20 to $2.00 (my overall EPC is $4.44, June’s $6.40), tested mailout copy and free gift offers for your subscribers, pays out on the 15th every month, by PayPal (they cover your fees), $100 minimum payout, extra automatic commission paid on other Inspire3 sites linked to through their autoresponder, two-tier program pays 5% on anyone you refer (1-yr minimum, ongoing for active affiliates), The contest officially opens August 8th 2017 at 00:00:01 EST, and closes August 28th 2017 at 23:59:59 EST. They’re running a sales and opt-in contest covering Hypnosis Live, Zen12, Subliminal Guru and Subliminal 360, up to $35k in prizes, 100% commissions during the launch. The 100% payout rate will run from August 8th through to September 10th, JV Manager Andrew Roth, Sign Up For Karl Moore’s Affiliate Program Here
  • Kim Serafini (MindPT)- one of my favourite people to work with! 50% commissions and 10% commissions on 2nd tier referrals, wide range of great and affordable products to choose from (that I absolutely love)! You also get the option to create your own product easily using MindPT and earn 10% commissions from the sale of your own products and 50% commissions if one of their partners sells your product (there’s no easier way to create and promote your own product!) Lovely and speedy Customer Relations Officer/Resource Manager, Mayumi Kazu, sign up here for MindPT affiliate program
  • Lisa Nichols Motivating The Masses email or go to
  • Lisa Sasevich 30-50% commissions (depending on the product), 10% on 2nd level commissions, wide variety of self-development products to choose from (some of which are evergreen), sign up as an affiliate here
  • Mary Morrissey – The Dream Builder Program – extremely high opt-in rates (I had an opt-in rate of over 80%  during the last launch), her core product sells for $497, 50% commissions, sign up here as an affiliate, launch September 21st – October 10th 2016, prizes worth up to $35k, including evergreen DreamBuilder Program promotions, JV manager Lily Orr
  • Dr Robert Anthony The Secret of Deliberate Creation, Deliberate Creation Instant Self-Hypnosis, Self-Confidence Creator, Mastering Your Inner Game, Zero Resistance Weight Release – 50% commissions (on products to promote on ClickBank), sign up as a ClickBank affiliate here
  • Sonia Ricotti – Unsinkable Bounce Back System – high-converting launch, with high EPC, 50% commissions worth $123.50 (1st level) and 10% on 2nd level commission, great prizes to win (up to $20k) sign up as an affiliate here
  • Todd Herman The 90 Day Year, 50% commissions, earn up to $999.50 per sale, his professional programs are in 19 of the Fortune 50 companies, performance and leadership advisor to two self-made billionaires, Cisco Executives, members of the Spanish Royal Family, previous supporters include Melanie Duncan and Amy Porterfield, last launch 6th-23rd June 2016, click here to sign up as an affiliate
  • Tom Cronin The Stillness Project, 50% affiliate commissions, product: 21 Steps to Faster Deeper Bliss sells for $297, test EPC’s of $4.60 and Opt-ins at 45%, sign up here, contact person: Partner Manager Jess Rawstorne

More to come, including:

  • Arielle Ford
  • Alvin Huang
  • Bill Harris
  • Brendon Burchard
  • Deepak Chopra
  • Eben Pagan
  • Dr Joe Vitale
  • Jack Canfield
  • Keith Matthew
  • Les Brown
  • Lisa Garr
  • Margaret Lynch
  • Mark Romero
  • Mindvalley
  • Nick Ortner The Tapping Solution
  • Rikka Zimmerman, Self-Love Mastery, Sign Up As An Affiliate Here
  • Steve G Jones
  • Tim Ferriss
  • Tony Robbins

If you need anything please contact me by email sandra.stachowicz(at) or send me a private message on Facebook.

List Building For Affiliate Marketing

list building for affiliate marketing

List Building For Affiliate Marketing

A very powerful and proven method in affiliate marketing is collecting people’s email addresses or creating a database which we’ll later on refer to as a list which you can promote affiliate products to. This is called list building.

There is a saying that is popular among internet marketers and it goes like “money is in the list.”

In fact, many super affiliates depend solely on selling affiliate products to their list and spend thousands of dollars growing their list.

It is a widely known fact that each subscriber is worth on average $1, meaning that if you have a list of 5,000 subscribers then you should be making on average $5,000 per month by promoting affiliate products to your list.

While this is totally an unproven concept, it still shows us that any quality list is guaranteed to make you profits especially if you are an affiliate marketer.

What is even more exciting about list building is that it can be done by anyone; it doesn’t matter if you are new to the affiliate marketing game or you are a more experienced and established affiliate marketer.

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced affiliate marketer everyone has to follow basic steps in order to start generating leads. How well you do depends on the amount of traffic you generate to your leads capture page, and this is what has the main effect on the number of leads you capture in one single day (among other factors).

How to Capture Leads

In order to be able to collect emails to your list, you need to setup two basic things first:

  1. Lead Capture Page
  2. Autoresponder Service

Your leads capture page is where you ask your blog or website visitors to give you their email address in exchange for something you offer them (like content or newsletter).

Some affiliate marketers prefer to make their leads capture page as a squeeze page, which is a page solely dedicated to collecting emails and it looks like this:

list building for affiliate marketing


Other affiliate marketers will add their opt-in box in the sidebar of their blog. This doesn’t usually generate high opt-in rates in comparison to squeeze pages but if the blog design gives focus to the opt-in form then it can be as effective as landing pages.

A good example of blogs that optimized their design to capture leads is this:

list building for affiliate marketing 2


You can see how this blog put their opt-in form right in the top of the blog, and then the blog posts are right below it.

This gives a huge focus to the opt-in form and it will be the first thing your visitors will see.

To be able to capture leads you need an autoresponder service like Aweber or GetResponse.

These are the services that will store emails you collected, giving you a lot of tools to manage your newsletters and send them in a timely manner.

They also allow you to send a one-time email blast, which in affiliate marketing is very valuable in case you want to promote your affiliate product in a single email message.

There really is no other way for you to send emails to a massive number of subscribers, only an autoresponder service can guarantee that your email message will be delivered to your subscribers’ inbox and not to their spam box.

Increase Your Opt-in Rates

The secret to having a constant flow of subscribers on a daily basis is having a flow of traffic coming to your leads capture page.

Many affiliate marketers struggle to improve their opt-in rates, and in affiliate marketing high opt-in rates are a reflection of your copywriting and persuasion skills along with being able to provide valuable content to your visitors.

And to be able to achieve that, here are some steps you can work on:

  • Get targeted traffic
  • Write attractive copy
  • Provide valuable materials

Driving targeted traffic to your leads capture page is the same as driving traffic to your affiliate offers. You have few sources you can depend on.

SEO is a major source of traffic to a leads capture page, because the traffic coming from search engines is of high quality and people who do searches are usually hungry for content to read (which you can provide to them).

You need to head to Google Keyword Tool and do a search for your niche keyword:

list building for affiliate marketing 2

Try to pick the keywords with 500 or less searches, because they are usually long tails keywords and they are easy to compete for and do SEO for.

What you are offering in exchange for their emails should be highly relevant to the keyword you are trying to rank for. This will improve your opt-in rate and will provide you with daily flow of subscribers.

How you write your opt-in form copy including headlines and how you outline the benefits of your content is very important to getting high opt-in rates.

This is closely related to the copywriting field, being able to highlight, bold and underline certain keywords helps gives focus to the most important benefit you are offering.

Your leads capture page (if it is a squeeze page) should be short and concise, because you want to keep them interested in finding out what you are writing in the content you provide them.

Never satisfy their hunger in your squeeze page but keep them wanting more, this will lead to higher opt-in rates.

Some affiliate marketers will put a video to encourage them to subscribe. This is also a good technique because it gives them the feeling that you are real human that will take care of them and answer all their questions after they subscribe.

Providing your subscribers with materials like promo codes or PDF guide or even organizing a contest is very effective because such materials are rare.

It also lays out a great foundation for a relationship building and it establishes you as an authority.

Not to mention that being generous is the basis of any lucrative relationship. Always give more than you are taking.

How to Sell your Affiliate Product

Finally after you set everything up, the next step will be nurturing those leads you collected.

Constantly send out newsletters giving valuable tips and advice in your niche. But don’t send them emails every day, 3 times a week is a very good frequency and after one month you could send them your affiliate product.

If you promote your affiliate product to them in the first email after they sign up you won’t get many sales or get a good conversion rate. That’s because they still don’t know and trust you enough to buy what you recommend.

It gives them the impression that you are desperate to sell more than you are willing to offer them the help you promised when they subscribed.

Usually you if you nurtured you leads right; you could achieve an 8% sales conversion rate. Let’s say you have 1,000 leads and your affiliate commission is $30 then you could be making $2,400 and from only 1,000 subscribers which is a great return on investment.

The best thing about list building in affiliate marketing is that it is a long term strategy, and if you managed to collect 20,000 leads over the course of your affiliate marketing journey then you could focus only on your list and sell many affiliate products to them.

If you can find an affiliate marketing course (Affset training is one of them) you could learn a lot about list building as well and hopefully achieve great results in your first month.

Day 5: Affiliate Marketer’s Journey Towards Freedom

Day 5: Affiliate Marketer’s Journey Towards Freedom

If you’ve not heard from me for a while that’s because I’m a self-confessed lazy ass and am not a very consistent bunch. Yep, despite having a(n) (un)successful online business I struggle with procrastination and self-sabotage. (I’ve only recently learnt that this is a result of unresolved emotional issues from the past aka Emotional Intelligence. The good news though is it’s …curable!) Now, back to the point I was trying to make…

I have made some progress… albeit mainly downward since AdWords banned my site meaning that my worst dream came to fruition in the form of being cut off from my main source of traffic. As a result, my income that dried out practically overnight. In hindsight, this was an accident waiting to happen and although back then when a similar situation occurred I was able to take some steps to correct the course of action this time though it proved to be practically impossible to resolve.

Now, I’m having to act like a donkey on steroids not knowing which way to turn to replace my current source of income. I feel overwhelmed by information overload, procrastination and my inborn ability to self-sabotage that I have successfully practiced since the day I was conceived. This combined with a distance to myself results in a rather interesting mix of self-irony and self-pity.

As of May, I have made no profit at all. I was successful, however, at making a loss of more than $64.5 that I need to give myself credit for. It’s funny looking at a negative ROI (as if such a thing existed at all!) in my affiliate back office though.

With that being said, I’m a failure albeit a determined one. As Winston Churchill once said “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Well, since I have not been pronounced dead as of yet I might just as well continue on my path to self-destruction which some scholars for reasons unknown to me prefer to call self-realisation.

-If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.- - Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer, an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development who recently passed away, argues that “If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.” Hm, I can’t help but think that whichever way I look at my ROI it appears to be… well, just that – negative.

Enough of my sarcastic sense of humour for now, my main focus is to take advantage of whatever faith I still have left in my abilities and use it build a list of raving fans and followers. You can expect to see me investing a program that promises to get me to 10,000 leads in 100 days. Since I’m going to document my journey you can expect my story to have you in fits of laughter as I follow the steps outlined in the program day by day.  How’s that for fun?






Analyzing How Affiliates Make Money Online

Analyzing How Affiliates Make Money Online

I study websites that make their income from affiliate marketing and I try to find out what works for them, what are the exact steps they follow to earn a good affiliate income.

The website I am analyzing in this article was listed on Flippa (I don’t want to mention it so as to respect the anonymity of the owner).

If you are an affiliate but not sure which niche is profitable, then you can follow the example here.

The Niche

My subject of analysis is a website in the web hosting niche, meaning that you can become an affiliate for many web hosting companies too.

Web hosting companies provide generous affiliate commissions, that’s because one client can be worth hundreds of dollars since anyone of us can host his website for years and pay on monthly basis.

Also there is a high demand in this niche as every day people buy web hosting plans to host their websites. So imagine earning an affiliate commission whenever you get the chance from this huge pool of buyers in this niche.

Just take a look at how many people look to buy a web hosting plan, and if you are an affiliate for any webhosting company then some of those people could end up buying from your affiliate link.

The Traffic

That was actually the good news, as the affiliate website I am analyzing doesn’t have much traffic and yet earns an average of $700 per month.

Take a look at the figures below (the stats is for 3 months). He actually got 1909 unique visitors in 3 months.

analyzing how affiliates make money (2)

That is about 22 visitors a day which is a very low number, a number you can achieve after one month of marketing work on your website.

And from what I noticed, over 95% of his traffic is coming from organic SEO (i.e. from Google searches).

Of course, if you managed to put in more effort on getting traffic to your own affiliate website, you can certainly beat these numbers by x10 folds.

I also took a deeper look on how he did his SEO, and in turns out what he did was rather simple and yet required some investment. I figured he invested in SEO because he wanted to get the results faster and at the end he did get his return of investment (as you will see in The Profits section below).

He depended on backlinks from PR websites (many of which require you to pay nowadays). Also he focused on getting forums backlinks (but this one is free).

Beside the SEO, I could see that he was recording lots of videos and uploading them on YouTube.

And I think YouTube videos can be vital in this niche, that’s because the web hosting niche has so many long tail keywords (sub niches) that are basically problems that people need solving.

Examples of such problems are:

  • How to setup wordpress blog
  • How to prevent DDoS attacks
  • And other hosting/blog related problems

And you can imagine, if you can showcase your knowledge to your videos viewers, you will certainly gain their trust and even recommend the webhosting company you are promoting as an affiliate.


The Social Media Properties

An interesting and at the same time expected technique by the affiliate was to create accounts on various social media websites, in effort to increase the sales channels and not depend solely on SEO.

Social Channel 1) YouTube (67 original videos)

His YouTube channel was not that popular (only 71 subscribers), however, his 67 videos have generated over 20,000 views.

Imagine how many did buy after watching his videos. And this just shows you how the web hosting niche is closely related to video content.

And around 80% of his videos were about how to install WordPress blog on your web host company.

This is rather a weakness from this affiliate, as he could have uploaded more diverse videos on various and broad web hosting related topics. And if you decided to get in this niche then certainly keep that in mind.

Social Channel 2)Vimeo (67 original videos)

He simply uploaded the same videos on YouTube to

The only thing to mention is that he got 0 subscribers and fewer views on Vimeo than on YouTube. This is not a surprise as YouTube is known to be the most visited video sharing site.

Social Channel 3) Daily Motion (67 original videos)

Same as YouTube and Vimeo, he uploaded the same videos to

One thing to notice is that he got 2 subscribers and 4K viewers to his 67 videos, a moderate number but indeed more than that on Vimeo.

Social Channel 4) Pinterest Coupon Code Page

This was actually very smart of him, he used the photo sharing website Pinterest to post coupons to many web hosting companies he is an affiliate to.

Since a coupon could easily be presented in an image, this means that any photo sharing website can be a gold mine in this niche.

He got 1170+ followers and 128 coupons on his Pinterest account.

You can even use websites like Instagram to promote your coupons.

Social Channel 5) Facebook Page

This is rather the classic of social media promotion nowadays.

Our affiliate here created the Facebook page, and added all the coupon images and videos there.

This shows you that once you have your content (either videos or articles) you can curate and share them across multiple platforms to increase you exposure and at the same time doing all this with minimum effort.

Our affiliate managed to get only 181 likes, a number you can easily increase if you are looking for more successful Facebook campaign.

At the end, there are many social media websites out there that can help you in your affiliate marketing journey.

You just need to be smart on how you use each one of them to maximize your affiliate sales potential.


The Profits

And finally let’s look at how much this affiliate earned per month

analyzing how affiliates make money (3)

You can see that our affiliate was averaging $700 a month. And from what we have analyzed above you can certainly be sure that these figures can easily be doubled in 1 month and even increased to x10 folds over the course of the year.

But these figures tell us another story…

From as little as 22 unique visitors a day, you can earn over $700 monthly profits as an affiliate marketer.

In the end it comes down to a combination of the:

Right Niche + Traffic + Content + Hard Work

Follow this formula and you will find that making money as an affiliate is 100% attainable goal.

In my affiliate marketing course on I try to emphasize this point to my students.

Why You Must Get Comfortable Feeling Uncomfortable.

Why You Must Get Comfortable Feeling Uncomfortable

People don’t like to feel uncomfortable in any situation.

It feels… well…uncomfortable.

As a result, people will go to great lengths to avoid situations that make them feel uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, that avoidance strategy is a killer of creating change, achieving the results you really want and living and working on your own terms.

Here’s why:

Change doesn’t happen by staying in your comfort zone. Change only happens by stepping out of your comfort zone.

And thereby lies the challenge.

To create change and strike out in new directions requires doing something you haven’t done before.

It means rocking the status quo. It requires deciding not to settle for mediocrity.

All those things can feel scary. It can bring up all sorts of feelings like fear, resistance and self doubt. And that feels uncomfortable.

So, unless you are willing to expose yourself to feeling uncomfortable you are going to stay stuck. Believe me, I tried for many years to change a number of areas of my life in my safe little comfort zone and it does not work.

It was only when I stepped out of my comfort zone that the really good stuff started to happen in my life, work and relationships.

You have to get out there and frighten the pants off yourself. You have to take risks. You have to feel fear and carry on regardless.

Here is something worth thinking about:

Thinking staying in your comfort zone is safe is a huge mistake. It’s not safe at all.

It’s not safe because you are risking a lifetime of just existing rather than living. You are settling for mediocrity in your life, work and relationships. That’s not safe. From where I’m sitting that is downright dangerous. It is a hell of a gamble to take with your one and only life.

The bottom line is this:

If you are serious about creating change you have got to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable.

If you are willing to do that the sky is the limit. You could transform your life, work and relationships. You could have the quality of life and fulfillment that you really want.

To me, that sounds like something worth feeling a little uncomfortable for.

So I invite you take a look at what sort of feelings come up for you when you want to create change or achieve different results. What do you need to do to manage those feelings so that you can learn how to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable?

This article originally appeared on

Written by Ali Davies


4 Childhood Experiences You Must Release To Move Forward

4 Childhood Experiences You Must Release To Move Forward

4 Childhood Experiences You Must Release To Move Forward

Studies on the human mind have proven that as a child, your mind is like a sponge. Everything you see, hear, encounter and experience gets absorbed deep in your subconscious mind, and continues to influence you from behind the scenes for much of your life.

This subconscious influence can be either a blessing or a burden, depending on how it drives your thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

The ones that cause unwanted emotions like fear, self-doubt and negativity should be scrubbed from your subconscious mind – and the first step to achieving that is knowing exactly what childhood experiences are adversely affecting you and why.

Here are four of the most common types of childhood experiences you must release to move forward with your life:

1. Moments of uncontrollable, paralyzing fear

Fear is a natural part of growing up. As children, we fear speaking on stage. We fear failing school exams. We fear asking out a potential prom date. We fear standing up to the school bully.

For most of us, that fear was validated when we failed at certain tasks or challenges – and the consequences left us embarrassed, unworthy and doubtful of our own abilities.

For some of us, that fear has solidified into a suit of armor we’ve carried into adulthood; an excuse to avoid taking risks or explore beyond our comfort zones.

Be mindful that our purpose in life is to grow; and fear is a necessary ingredient towards that growth. Even award-winning performers like Adele still get fearfully nervous on stage, but that doesn’t stop them from stepping up time and time again.

And as George R.R. Martin says, “The only time a person can be truly brave is by first facing a fearful situation – and tackling it head-on anyway.”

2. Situations where procrastination paid off (in the short term)

Our brains are hardwired to shield us from harm – which is good when you’re stepping aside to avoid a falling tree; but not so good when your brain convinces you to stay put, sit still, and not do today what you can do tomorrow.

As children, we quickly begin to encounter situations where procrastination pumps us up with a (short-term) high.

Skipping homework to play video games is fun. Staying up a few extra hours past bedtime is nice. And mowing the lawn tomorrow so you can go play basketball today, sounds like a great idea.

Sure, just like smoking and eating unhealthy food, there are consequences to your temporary high – but once you’re addicted to procrastination, pushing them to the back of your mind becomes second nature.

What makes procrastination even more damaging is that as you get older, the stakes get higher. Your career, finances and health all require your immediate attention, and sometimes holding off on an important task for even just a few days is enough for everything to come crashing down.

So don’t procrastinate on shaking off your procrastination habit: respect yourself, your time and your life by treating it with the urgency it deserves.

3. Inability to find a pursuit, skill or purpose that made your heart sing

You probably remember at least a few people from your childhood who pursued a hobby or skill, like dancing, playing a musical instrument or a sport, and went on to turn that pursuit into a successful lifelong career.

Most of us, however, tend to drift away from the paths we explored as children, if we had the opportunity to explore any in the first place.

Instead, we follow what’s available and convenient, sacrificing the discovery or pursuit of what truly fulfills us on a deeper level.

Then, as the bills, responsibilities and deadlines of adulthood stack up, we completely sideline any notion of honoring our passions; instead, we settle for admiring other people’s passion-driven achievements.

But, as the German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel said, “Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.”

On your deathbed, a passionless life will be one of your biggest regrets. So remember that honoring yours is equally as, or even more important than, wealth and professional stability.

4. Moments of self-doubt caused by judgmental parents and role models

From our grades to our fashion sense, it’s normal for our parents, mentors, teachers and role models to act judgmentally towards us as we’re growing up.

This behavior often boils down to a well-meaning protective streak that manifests as excessive scrutiny on our actions, decisions and academic performance.

Unfortunately, being constantly put under a microscope can manifest a sense of unease and nervousness each time you’re faced with a decision that should be yours and yours alone to make.

“What will they think?” and, “Will I let them down?” are common questions you’ll ask yourself when you’re plagued by the self-doubt of excessive judgment.

To overcome this block, it’s crucial that you reinforce the understanding that you are the captain of your own ship, and that nobody but you has the right to be your own harshest critic.

While it is, of course, admirable to make your parents and mentors happy, your own happiness comes before anything else – and those who truly love you must remember this fact.

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