10 Basic Ways to Keep Your Email Subscribers Engaged

10 Basic Ways to Keep Your Email Subscribers Engaged

Email marketing works best when you are focusing on making your subscribers happy and building relationships with each email campaign.

A happy email subscriber is an engaged one, so let’s dive in to see how we can make your subscribers happier with each email interaction.

1. Define what engagement means to you and prove you deserve it

If engagement for you means getting high open-rates, then you should focus on improving your copy writing.

If, however, engagement for you means  getting higher click-through rates, than you should improve your email content and make each line of your email so persuasive & irresistible that no one can resist clicking on your links.

If you want to engage with your subscribers, be clear from the start on what you want to achieve. The more specific – the better.

2. Infuse your personality in every email

When people subscribe to your email list they expect something new, authentic and highly useful, even if we are talking about a shopping newsletter.

Use words that stand out, write like you are talking with your best friend and act like you are performing a show with each email campaign.

Nothing speaks out more than a brand that is authentic, close and unique in its own way.

3. Create human connections

A neat tactic that PadiAct uses when sending a product update newsletter, is making it clear that if you have anything to ask about the product, or about lead generation and conversion, you can contact Claudiu (PadiAct’s Product Manager) any time you want.

This, in time, creates more relevant relationships and gathers around the product people that are more likely to get involved.

Also, it shows that you want to be closer to your customer, and for some subscribers that might be the perfect way to win their hearts.

4. Reward your subscribers. Spotlight highly engaged subscribers

This awesome tip is from the good guys from Bronto.

They say that if you want to keep your subscribers engaged, you have a chance of doing that by rewarding loyalty and engagement, by offering giveaways or recognizing highly engaged customers.

Also, Bronto suggest to promote interviews with your clients in order to be in the spotlights of the community.

5. Segment your email list to make it more effective

There are various criteria to segment your list, but it’s very straight forward to say that the more segmented your email list is, the easier it is to manage.

By breaking your list into smaller chunks, you can find better ways to deliver laser targeted campaigns, with increased chances of leads and sales.

So, segment your list by convincing subscribers to complete a survey or by confronting email list data with purchase data or CRM data.

No matter what method you choose to segment your list (it depends on the industry), remember to focus on what matters for each specific sector.

6. Don’t overdo it

Don’t over promote your products, don’t overdo announcements, focus on what matters for the subscribers, and that usually means delivering high quality content, cool offers, giveaways and coupons.

7. Extend the conversation to your social media accounts

You want to know more about your subscribers, that’s why you will want to go further with your list interaction.

Tell them to follow you on twitter, like your page, comment on your videos.

It helps you increase your social activity and also engage your subscribers further than their email inbox.

The key takeaway is to learn new things about your customers. What better place to do that, than on social media sites?

8. Remind me who you are & how I got on your list

Sometimes people subscribe to loads of newsletters and forget how they got there.

Just include a short phrase in which you are explaining how the user got on your list and why they’re receiving your emails.

This in time will have great effects on your unsubscription rate. Also, choosing a descriptive “From Name” matters, because it humanizes the emails you send.

9. Make it short & snappy

As you can see from this infographic, people don’t really like to spend time in their email inbox.

They already spend too much time with work related tasks and they certainly have enough on their hands, so please make your email short and snappy.

Make them engage with you as quickly as possible.

10. Seduce your subscribers into taking action

Ethical bribers, deals, coupons, fun stuff, whatever it’s relevant for your readers.

Seduce your subscribers by offering small & incentivized rewards for taking action.

Final thoughts

All in all, none of these tips & tricks mean anything if you aren’t thinking about building relationships with your prospective customers.

Email is still the best channel to drive leads and sales, but these two don’t come easy.

You must give a lot more than you are receiving, especially in the beginning of your relationship, when you are focusing on building trust for the long-term.

Any relationship takes time, but it can get sweeter by email.

UPDATE: You might want to check our new article on the subject, featuring 7 more advanced tips on keeping subscriber engagement.

10 Basic Ways to Keep Your Email Subscribers Engaged by Gabriel