Giffgaff Review

Giffgaff Review

In this honest giffgaff review I debunk all myths surrounding the mobile network. Giffgaff is a virtual mobile network launched in 2009.  According to Which? giffgaff is UK’s Best Telecom Service Provider 2014 & 2015.  Giffgaff is also UK’s fastest growing mobile network. Is giffgaff as good as it sounds? Let’s find out!

giffgaff review

Giffgaff Review


  • the cheapest mobile network – cheaper than 3, Vodafone, Orange, O2  or T-Mobile (giffgaff calls 10p per minute, texts 6p (I’ve been with O2  for 8 years before I switched to giffgaff and my mobile bill went down from £40 to only £10 per month)
  • great international rates (China 2p, India 2p, Ireland 5p, USA 2p, Poland 5p, Italy 7p)
  • works abroad
  • reliable Internet speed and coverage (runs on the O2  network)
  • no contract required (Pay as You Go)
  • award winning mobile network (UK’s Best Telecom Service Provider 2014 & 2015, winner of Forrester Groundswell Award and the Most Innovative Community Award, nominated for the Marketing Society’s Brand of the Year)
  • excellent network coverage – it runs on the O2 network
  • FREE calls to 0800 numbers
  • free calls, texts and video calls to other giffgaff users (I save £30 each month simply because my boyfriend and my sister switched to giffgaff and I call/text them a lot!)
  • subsidiary of O2
  • auto top-up and automatically recurring bundles for ease of use but can be disabled at any time
  • simple activation process – you can buy a top-up voucher from a shop, use O2 top-up vouchers or top-up online with a credit or debit card
  • no obligation
  • you can order a SIM card for FREE and if you use this link you get £5 FREE credit to get you started
  • you can keep your old number 
  • you get bonuses -you can opt for a monthly fixed-price tariff to offer you even better value (goodybags). Plus you get bonus minutes (you get paid for using your mobile) You can get up to 2000 minutes of UK calls, unlimited texts and Internet  for as little as £18/month
  • you can change or cancel your payment plan at any time
  • full 4G LTE service
  • mobile internet bundles for dongles, laptops and tablets such as the iPad

Giffgaff Review CONS

  • you need to unlock your mobile for it to work unless you use O2 or Tesco Mobile phones as they all use the same network. Otherwise, you can have in unlocked for a small nominal fee.

Giffgaff Review CONCLUSION

To sum up this giffgaff review, giffgaff is an award-winning mobile network and also the cheapest on the market. It has an excellent network coverage and offers great international rates. You get FREE calls to 0800 numbers and other giffgaff users. Order your SIM today (you can keep your old number if you wish), it’s completely free and you’ll start off with free £5 credit.

If you need any help with the activation process or anything at all just bookmark this page to refer to it later. I’m always happy to help!

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