John Assaraf Affiliate Program

John Assaraf Affiliate Program

In this John Assaraf Affiliate Program review I’d like to give you an overview of what the program can offer you. I’ve earned a total  of $56,438.12 (£45,363.49) in total commissions earned since joining John Assaraf’s Affiliate Program in December 2014.*

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Testimonials and examples used are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. We reiterate that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. We share this with you so we can insure that you made this decision to purchase our product with the correct expectations. If you choose to invest into any program advertised on this website you need to understand your results will depend on many variables. Although I can show you the results of my past and current earnings, there is no way to predict what your individual results will be. Purchasing any product advertised here does not guarantee that you will have a certain result. Potential results range widely, depending on many factors including you.


  • free to join (no need to purchase anything although it helps to know the product) While purchasing the product itself is optional, I’ve decided to go ahead with it as I  strongly believe one needs to know their stuff and recommend that you do so too (it’ll pay off in the long-term as you’ll be able to answer any questions your prospects might have and highlight the products’ benefits to suit your client’s needs) If you want to gain a better understanding of what the program offers Click Here To Get The Best Price
  • you get paid by PayPal or cheque according to your preference (commissions are paid usually within 60 days given the guarantee so that would be around the 15th of each month when they come due)
  • up to 40% commissions for first tier sales (the ones you make) You get up to $398 in commissions from an individual sale of a product worth $995!!!
  • 10% commissions for second tier sales (if you refer someone to the program you get 10% of any sales they make)
  • FREE one-on-one coaching if you sign up using my affiliate link (your success is my success!) Plus, I’ll share with you all the marketing materials I have completely for FREE. Remember, I’ve made over $30k in affiliate commissions since joining the program and my name was listed on five different leaderboards so I definitely know my stuff. One of the best affiliates have signed up under me!
  • low refund rates (you get to keep most of the commissions from the sale of the products as very few people ever ask for a refund)
  • you get to promote a high quality, high converting product
  • you get access to a dedicated support team and my continuous support
  • you can instantly track sales, commissions 
  • live link tracking stats
  • you get a chance to win up to $63k in prizes when participating in JV contests (both in terms of opt-ins, sales and sub-affiliate sales)
  • you get access to swipe emails, social media swipes to use on Twitter and Facebook
  • you get access to pre-written emails/newsletters
  • excellent opt-in rate average hits to optins was 48% (with several partners at 70+%)
  • excellent EPC was $7.11 (amazing eh?) . . . to give you an idea of how the campaign resonated with different groups Frank Kern EPC’s were $9.53, Andrew Shorten $3.99, Mike Keonigs $3.81, Sonia Ricotti $5.84, Lisa Garr $3.65 and Sean Roach $8.16,  pretty amazing! Kendall’s EPC was $2.93, Bert Heaton’s was $5.36, Shun Jian Yee $2.04 and Eric Lofholm $9.95 and Dr Anthony $4.60 EPC and his hits to optin ratio is at 58%
  • high earnings per opt-in – current earnings per opt-in is more than $27, and more than $103 per attendee.  I’m currently getting $122.12 per opt-in (the highest earnings per opt-in on the current leaderboard). Here is a screenshot of their numbers -> The average hit to optin ratio was over 50% as well

Interested in joining John Assaraf’s Affiliate Program?

If you’re interested in joining John Assaraf’s Affiliate Program Click Here. If you sign up using my affiliate link I’ll offer you an ongoing one-on-one coaching completely for FREE (this is priceless!) and answer any questions you may have. I have experience promoting John’s products and consistently make thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions month after month. My name has been listed on five different leaderboards since joining the program in December 2014. Join John Assaraf’s Affiliate Program Now and arrange your first FREE one-on-one coaching session to help you get started!.